The West Wing

The Authoritative West Wing

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The Authoritative West Wing

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Name:The Authoritative West Wing

Total Size: 54.17 GB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-26 05:32:48

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Torrent Files List

The West Wing - Season 1 (Size: 54.17 GB) (Files: 189)

 The West Wing - Season 1

  The West Wing 01x01 - Pilot.avi

350.25 MB

  The West Wing 01x02 - Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc.avi

350.13 MB

  The West Wing 01x03 - A Proportional Response.avi

328.10 MB

  The West Wing 01x04 - Five Votes Down.avi

350.15 MB

  The West Wing 01x05 - The Crackpots and These Women.avi

350.22 MB

  The West Wing 01x06 - Mr. Willis of Ohio.avi

350.06 MB

  The West Wing 01x07 - The State Dinner.avi

350.23 MB

  The West Wing 01x08 - Enemies.avi

350.04 MB

  The West Wing 01x09 - The Short List.avi

350.00 MB

  The West Wing 01x10 - In Excelsis Deo.avi

350.10 MB

  The West Wing 01x11 - Lord John Marbury.avi

350.33 MB

  The West Wing 01x12 - He Shall, from Time to Time....avi

350.15 MB

  The West Wing 01x13 - Take Out the Trash Day.avi

311.03 MB

  The West Wing 01x14 - Take This Sabbath Day.avi

338.58 MB

  The West Wing 01x15 - Celestial Navigation.avi

320.18 MB

  The West Wing 01x16 - 20 Hours in L.A..avi

328.85 MB

  The West Wing 01x17 - The White House Pro-Am.avi

318.20 MB

  The West Wing 01x18 - Six Meetings Before Lunch.avi

350.12 MB

  The West Wing 01x19 - Let Bartlet Be Bartlet.avi

348.00 MB

  The West Wing 01x20 - Mandatory Minimums.avi

350.13 MB

  The West Wing 01x21 - Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.avi

347.88 MB

  The West Wing 01x22 - What Kind of Day Has It Been.avi

350.01 MB

 The West Wing - Season 3

  The West Wing 03x00 - Isaac and Ishmael.avi

294.34 MB

  The West Wing 03x01 - Manchester Part I.avi

350.00 MB

  The West Wing 03x02 - Manchester Part II.avi

350.14 MB

  The West Wing 03x03 - Ways and Means.avi

335.56 MB

  The West Wing 03x04 - On the Day Before.avi

306.76 MB

  The West Wing 03x05 - War Crimes.avi

350.05 MB

  The West Wing 03x06 - Gone Quiet.avi

350.04 MB

  The West Wing 03x07 - The Indians in the Lobby.avi

350.02 MB

  The West Wing 03x08 - The Women of Qumar.avi

350.21 MB

  The West Wing 03x09 - Bartlet for America.avi

349.98 MB

  The West Wing 03x10 - H. Con-172.avi

324.41 MB

  The West Wing 03x11 - 100,000 Airplanes.avi

343.51 MB

  The West Wing 03x12 - The Two Bartlets.avi

265.24 MB

  The West Wing 03x13 - Night Five.avi

281.53 MB

  The West Wing 03x14 - Hartsfield's Landing.avi

299.76 MB

  The West Wing 03x15 - Dead Irish Writers.avi

294.96 MB

  The West Wing 03x16 - The U.S. Poet Laureate.avi

350.20 MB

  The West Wing 03x17 - Stirred.avi

306.99 MB

  The West Wing 03x18 - Documentary Special.avi

313.40 MB

  The West Wing 03x19 - Enemies Foreign and Domestic.avi

349.12 MB

  The West Wing 03x20 - The Black Vera Wang.avi

341.91 MB

  The West Wing 03x21 - We Killed Yamamoto.avi

349.49 MB

  The West Wing 03x22 - Posse Comitatus.avi

294.17 MB

 The West Wing - Season 6

  The West Wing 06x01 - NSF Thurmont.avi

350.14 MB

  The West Wing 06x02 - The Birnam Wood.avi

350.16 MB

  The West Wing 06x03 - Third-Day Story.avi

350.23 MB

  The West Wing 06x04 - Liftoff.avi

350.21 MB

  The West Wing 06x05 - The Hubbert Peak.avi

399.57 MB

  The West Wing 06x06 - The Dover Test.avi

350.10 MB

  The West Wing 06x07 - A Change Is Gonna Come.avi

327.92 MB

  The West Wing 06x08 - In the Room.avi

344.81 MB

  The West Wing 06x09 - Impact Winter.avi

350.25 MB

  The West Wing 06x10 - Faith Based Initiative.avi

327.79 MB

  The West Wing 06x11 - Opposition Research.avi

350.26 MB

  The West Wing 06x12 - 365 Days.avi

287.85 MB

  The West Wing 06x13 - King Corn.avi

350.13 MB

  The West Wing 06x14 - The Wake Up Call.avi

295.15 MB

  The West Wing 06x15 - Freedonia.avi

350.29 MB

  The West Wing 06x16 - Drought Conditions.avi

350.19 MB

  The West Wing 06x17 - A Good Day.avi

331.42 MB

  The West Wing 06x18 - La Palabra.avi

350.01 MB

  The West Wing 06x19 - Ninety Miles Away.avi

328.87 MB

  The West Wing 06x20 - In God We Trust.avi

350.12 MB

  The West Wing 06x21 - Things Fall Apart.avi

298.47 MB

  The West Wing 06x22 - 2162 Votes.avi

350.15 MB

 The West Wing - Extras

  The West Wing Extras - Season 7

   The West Wing Extras 07x01 - Live from the Director's Chair.avi

420.79 MB

   The West Wing Extras 07x02 - Countdown to West Wing Live.avi

175.61 MB

  The West Wing Extras - Season 1

   The West Wing Extras 01x00 - Manny: Head of Security.avi

24.63 MB

   The West Wing Extras 01x01 - The Primaries.avi

174.86 MB

   The West Wing Extras 01x02 - The Inauguration.avi

174.97 MB

   The West Wing Extras 01x03 - Capital Beat.avi

92.09 MB

   The West Wing Extras 01x04 - Sheet Music.avi

105.53 MB

   The West Wing Extras 01x05 - Deleted Scenes.avi

73.03 MB

   The West Wing Extras 01x06 - Gag Order.avi

48.12 MB

   The West Wing Extras 01x07 - The West Wing Suite.avi

24.98 MB

   The West Wing Extras 01x08 - Off the Record.avi

24.50 MB

  The West Wing Extras - Season 3

   The West Wing Extras 03x00 - Flamingo Fashion.avi

24.85 MB

   The West Wing Extras 03x01 - A Property Master's Story.avi

74.91 MB

   The West Wing Extras 03x02 - The Chief of Stuff.avi

99.94 MB

   The West Wing Extras 03x03 - Political Missteps.avi

49.92 MB

  The West Wing Extras - Season 6

   The West Wing Extras 06x00 - A Conversation with John Spencer.avi

24.94 MB

   The West Wing Extras 06x01 - C.J. Cregg: From Press Secretary to Chief of Staff.avi

174.18 MB

  The West Wing Extras - Season 5

   The West Wing Extras 05x01 - In POTUS We Trust.avi

99.97 MB

   The West Wing Extras 05x02 - Gaza: Anatomy of an Episode.avi

100.44 MB

   The West Wing Extras 05x03 - The Jacket Incident.avi

23.32 MB

   The West Wing Extras 05x04 - Unaired Scenes, Part I.avi

2.93 MB

   The West Wing Extras 05x05 - Unaired Scenes, Part II.avi

24.94 MB

   The West Wing Extras 05x06 - Unaired Scenes, Part III.avi

24.89 MB

  The West Wing Extras - Season 4

   The West Wing Extras 04x01 - Behind Every Good Man... is the First Lady.avi

99.93 MB

   The West Wing Extras 04x02 - The Letter of the Word.avi

161.22 MB

   The West Wing Extras 04x03 - Deleted Scenes.avi

24.87 MB

   The West Wing Extras 04x04 - Practical Jokes.avi

20.06 MB

   The West Wing Extras 04x05 - Bartlet on Names.avi

5.10 MB

  The West Wing Extras - Season 2

   The West Wing Extras 02x00 - Life in a Fish Bowl.avi

24.71 MB

   The West Wing Extras 02x01 - Constructing Two Cathedrals.avi

175.03 MB

   The West Wing Extras 02x02 - Access Granted.avi

174.70 MB

   The West Wing Extras 02x03 - Deleted Scenes.avi

99.89 MB

   The West Wing Extras 02x04 - Gag Reel.avi

13.09 MB

 The West Wing - Season 4

  The West Wing 04x01 - 20 Hours in America.avi

700.52 MB

  The West Wing 04x02 - College Kids.avi

328.86 MB

  The West Wing 04x03 - The Red Mass.avi

287.28 MB

  The West Wing 04x04 - Debate Camp.avi

350.13 MB

  The West Wing 04x05 - Game On.avi

331.92 MB

  The West Wing 04x06 - Election Night.avi

350.18 MB

  The West Wing 04x07 - Process Stories.avi

315.03 MB

  The West Wing 04x08 - Swiss Diplomacy.avi

350.10 MB

  The West Wing 04x09 - Arctic Radar.avi

349.28 MB

  The West Wing 04x10 - Holy Night.avi

350.25 MB

  The West Wing 04x11 - Guns Not Butter.avi

339.22 MB

  The West Wing 04x12 - The Long Goodbye.avi

349.93 MB

  The West Wing 04x13 - Inauguration, Part I.avi

331.38 MB

  The West Wing 04x14 - Inauguration, Part II.avi

345.83 MB

  The West Wing 04x15 - The California 47th.avi

350.00 MB

  The West Wing 04x16 - Red Haven's on Fire.avi

350.10 MB

  The West Wing 04x17 - Privateers.avi

285.75 MB

  The West Wing 04x18 - Angel Maintenance.avi

291.06 MB

  The West Wing 04x19 - Evidence of Things Not Seen.avi

268.96 MB

  The West Wing 04x20 - Life on Mars.avi

350.11 MB

  The West Wing 04x21 - Commencement.avi

349.99 MB

  The West Wing 04x22 - Twenty Five.avi

345.25 MB

 The West Wing - Season 5

  The West Wing 05x01 - 7A WF 83429.avi

316.59 MB

  The West Wing 05x02 - The Dogs of War.avi

311.24 MB

  The West Wing 05x03 - Jefferson Lives.avi

314.50 MB

  The West Wing 05x04 - Han.avi

322.03 MB

  The West Wing 05x05 - Constituency of One.avi

317.97 MB

  The West Wing 05x06 - Disaster Relief.avi

350.01 MB

  The West Wing 05x07 - Seperation of Powers.avi

321.32 MB

  The West Wing 05x08 - Shutdown.avi

350.04 MB

  The West Wing 05x09 - Abu el Banat.avi

343.58 MB

  The West Wing 05x10 - The Stormy Present.avi

325.36 MB

  The West Wing 05x11 - The Benign Prerogative.avi

334.26 MB

  The West Wing 05x12 - Slow News Day.avi

333.65 MB

  The West Wing 05x13 - The Warfare of Genghis Khan.avi

284.64 MB

  The West Wing 05x14 - An Khe.avi

350.29 MB

  The West Wing 05x15 - Full Disclosure.avi

317.96 MB

  The West Wing 05x16 - Eppur Si Muove.avi

322.37 MB

  The West Wing 05x17 - The Supremes.avi

335.29 MB

  The West Wing 05x18 - Access.avi

350.44 MB

  The West Wing 05x19 - Talking Points.avi

350.12 MB

  The West Wing 05x20 - No Exit.avi

349.19 MB

  The West Wing 05x21 - Gaza.avi

350.20 MB

  The West Wing 05x22 - Memorial Day.avi

350.04 MB

 The West Wing - Season 7

  The West Wing 07x01 - The Ticket.avi

350.21 MB

  The West Wing 07x02 - The Mommy Problem.avi

350.30 MB

  The West Wing 07x03 - Message of the Week.avi

350.24 MB

  The West Wing 07x04 - Mr. Frost.avi

350.27 MB

  The West Wing 07x05 - Here Today.avi

291.79 MB

  The West Wing 07x06 - The Al Smith Dinner.avi

350.10 MB

  The West Wing 07x07 - The Debate.avi

508.71 MB

  The West Wing 07x08 - Undecideds.avi

350.15 MB

  The West Wing 07x09 - The Wedding.avi

349.95 MB

  The West Wing 07x10 - Running Mates.avi

350.25 MB

  The West Wing 07x11 - Internal Displacement.avi

347.73 MB

  The West Wing 07x12 - Duck and Cover.avi

350.34 MB

  The West Wing 07x13 - The Cold.avi

350.19 MB

  The West Wing 07x14 - Two Weeks Out.avi

349.97 MB

  The West Wing 07x15 - Welcome to Wherever You Are.avi

350.01 MB

  The West Wing 07x16 - Election Day.avi

350.14 MB

  The West Wing 07x17 - Election Day Part II.avi

350.12 MB

  The West Wing 07x18 - Requiem.avi

344.45 MB

  The West Wing 07x19 - Transition.avi

350.28 MB

  The West Wing 07x20 - The Last Hurrah.avi

350.07 MB

  The West Wing 07x21 - Institutional Memory.avi

350.19 MB

  The West Wing 07x22 - Tomorrow.avi

350.06 MB

 The West Wing - Season 2

  The West Wing 02x01 - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part I.avi

350.02 MB

  The West Wing 02x02 - In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part II.avi

350.29 MB

  The West Wing 02x03 - The Midterms.avi

350.01 MB

  The West Wing 02x04 - In This White House.avi

350.08 MB

  The West Wing 02x05 - And It's Surely to Their Credit.avi

350.24 MB

  The West Wing 02x06 - The Lame Duck Congress.avi

350.12 MB

  The West Wing 02x07 - The Portland Trip.avi

315.93 MB

  The West Wing 02x08 - Shibboleth.avi

331.85 MB

  The West Wing 02x09 - Galileo.avi

350.19 MB

  The West Wing 02x10 - Noël.avi

350.10 MB

  The West Wing 02x11 - The Leadership Breakfast.avi

329.27 MB

  The West Wing 02x12 - The Drop-In.avi

320.81 MB

  The West Wing 02x13 - Bartlet's Third State of the Union.avi

307.18 MB

  The West Wing 02x14 - The War at Home.avi

271.63 MB

  The West Wing 02x15 - Ellie.avi

347.00 MB

  The West Wing 02x16 - Somebody's Going to Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail.avi

328.84 MB

  The West Wing 02x17 - The Stackhouse Filibuster.avi

328.78 MB

  The West Wing 02x18 - 17 People.avi

243.76 MB

  The West Wing 02x19 - Bad Moon Rising.avi

349.96 MB

  The West Wing 02x20 - The Fall's Gonna Kill You.avi

350.03 MB

  The West Wing 02x21 - 18th and Potomac.avi

322.75 MB

  The West Wing 02x22 - Two Cathedrals.avi

350.01 MB

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Torrent: The Authoritative West Wing
Release: DiisExNoctem
Quality: DVD rip

Filesize: ~350 MB

Dimensions: [576 x 432] & [624 x 352]
Encoding: XVID MPEG-4
Framerate: 24 fps

Channels: 2 [stereo]
Encoding: MPEG-1 L3 [MP3]
Sampling: 48000 Hz
Bitrate: ~128 kbps

Notes: Diis ex Noctem welcomes you to the release of The Authoritative West Wing, a premium collection of The West Wing episodes and DVD extras, and our first release on the OpenBitTorrent tracker project. This exhaustive ammalgamation includes every episode aired and created, as well as every DVD extra, including the hidden special features. All episodes are DVD rips encoded to 350 MB when possible. Some episodes are not 350 MB as they are simply not at a high enough quality on the DVD to create even rips. Also note that all episodes' resolutions do not match. The first season was not filmed in widescreen, while the others were. We hope you enjoy The West Wing.

Download. Seed. Ave Noctem!
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