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Pack d'images de H R Giger ( Net)

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Name:Pack d'images de H R Giger ( Net)

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01_PAINTWORK (Size: 232.45 MB) (Files: 1362)


  Early Paintings

   Small Pics


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   H.R.Giger_1961_NO TITLE_ink on transcop_20.7x20.5cm.jpg

614.69 KB

   H.R.Giger_1962_SELFPORTRAIT_ink on transcop_15.3x20cm.jpg

573.02 KB

   H.R.Giger_1962_NO TITLE_oil on wood.jpg

400.35 KB

   H.R.Giger_1961_NO TITLE_ink on transcop_21x29.7cm.jpg

278.52 KB

   H.R.Giger_1962_MOTHER AND SON_acrylic, ink on paper_18.7x9.9cm.jpg

221.14 KB

   H.R.Giger_1960-61_NO TITLE_ink on transcop_14.3x29.8cm.jpg

196.42 KB

   H.R.Giger_1960_'STOCKINGS' #6_ink on paper_29.7x21cm.jpg

186.30 KB

   H.R.Giger_1960_'STOCKINGS' #2_ink on paper_29.7x21cm.jpg

160.99 KB

   H.R.Giger_1960_'STOCKINGS' #4_ink on paper_29.7x21cm.jpg

113.92 KB

   H.R.Giger_1962_NO TITLE_ink on paper_19.9x9.8cm.jpg

41.25 KB

   H.R.Giger_1961_NO TITLE_ink on transcop_30x21cm.jpg

39.56 KB

  Other Works

   1977 - Second Celebration Of The Four

    Giger_Second celebration of the four (cover).jpg

142.22 KB

    H.R.Giger_THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR 8_acrylic on photo_42x60cm_1977.jpg

68.53 KB

    H.R.Giger_THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR 1_acrylic on photo_42x60cm_1977.jpg

64.57 KB

    H.R.Giger_THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR 6_acrylic on photo_42x60cm_1977.jpg

62.01 KB

    H.R.Giger_THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR 4_acrylic on photo_42x60cm_1977.jpg

59.27 KB

    H.R.Giger_THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR 5_acrylic on photo_42x60cm_1977.jpg

58.59 KB

    H.R.Giger_THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR 7_acrylic on photo_42x60cm_1977.jpg

57.64 KB

    H.R.Giger_THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR 2_acrylic on photo_42x60cm_1977.jpg

45.48 KB

    H.R.Giger_THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR 3_acrylic on photo_42x60cm_1977.jpg

28.82 KB

   1981 - Dedications In NYC Book (acrylic on paper, 38x27cm)

    giger_DEDICATION 13.jpg

282.57 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 08.jpg

118.85 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 06.jpg

115.51 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 01.jpg

109.49 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 04.jpg

102.54 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 11.jpg

101.05 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 02.jpg

100.90 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 16.jpg

99.75 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 15.jpg

98.68 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 07.jpg

89.06 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 03.jpg

84.18 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 19.jpg

59.39 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 05.jpg

58.89 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 14.jpg

58.05 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 12.jpg

48.02 KB

    giger_DEDICATION 10.jpg

33.51 KB

   1984 - Collage

    H.R.Giger_No.G11_PASSION_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

383.39 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.G02_TRACHTENWEIBER_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_70x100cm_1984.jpg

370.17 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.G10_DISKURS_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

330.71 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.G03_METROPOLIS_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_70x100cm_1984.jpg

300.11 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.Gx1_ASTRONAUT_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

174.06 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.G13_VOEGEL_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

173.74 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.G08_MONSTERS OF ROCK_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

170.06 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.Gx3_KARAVANE_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

150.90 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.Gx2_DEATH_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

146.68 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.Gx5_MONSTERS OF ROCK_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

106.92 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.G09_MONSTERS OF ROCK_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

102.54 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.G01_LANDSCAPE_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_70x100cm_1984.jpg

72.52 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.Gx4_BLESSURE_collage, acrylic, paper on wood_100x140cm_1984.jpg

49.10 KB

   1985 - Poltergeist 2

    H.R.Giger_No.P15_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE CAVERN_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

381.80 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P26_POLTERGEIST 2 - REVEREND B - SMOKEBEAST_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

376.42 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P22_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE VORTEX_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1985.jpg

350.66 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P10_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE PRIMITIVE CREATURE_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

350.50 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P14_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE GREAT BEAST_acrylic on paper_140x100cm_1985.jpg

344.12 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P25_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE CAVERN_acrylic on paper_100x140cm_1985.jpg

338.93 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P07_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE METAMORPHOSIS_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

336.98 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P12_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE GREAT BEAST_acrylic on paper_140x100cm_1985.jpg

323.89 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P21_POLTERGEIST 2 _acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

301.91 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P18_POLTERGEIST 2 _acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

281.95 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P16_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE GREAT BEAST - TOTEM_acrylic on paper_140x100cm_1985.jpg

275.93 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P27_POLTERGEIST 2 - REVEREND B_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

267.35 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P09_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE PRIMITIVE CREATURE_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

265.34 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P20_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE SMOKE BEAST_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

253.03 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P13_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE GREAT BEAST_acrylic on paper_140x100cm_1985.jpg

238.01 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P08_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE METAMORPHOSIS_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

214.20 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P19_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE SMOKE BEAST_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

205.80 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P06_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE VOMIT_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1985.jpg

173.84 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P04_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE WORM_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

172.66 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P03_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE WORM_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

170.87 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P23_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE VORTEX_acrylic on paper_50x120cm_1985.jpg

169.96 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P02_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE WORM_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

158.41 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P01_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE WORM_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

156.35 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P24_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE HALL_acrylic on paper_50x120cm_1985.jpg

132.06 KB

    H.R.Giger_No.P05_POLTERGEIST 2 - THE VOMIT_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

7.02 KB

   1986 - E.L.P. series

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 10_acrylic on paper_27x27cm_1986.jpg

309.25 KB

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 7_acrylic on paper_70x70cm_1986.jpg

303.70 KB

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 8_acrylic on paper_70x70cm_1986.jpg

285.97 KB

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 2_acrylic on paper_29x33cm_1986.jpg

271.34 KB

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 5_acrylic on paper_72x72cm_1986.jpg

270.24 KB

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 3_acrylic on paper_34x34cm_1986.jpg

255.05 KB

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 11_acrylic on paper_70x70cm_1986.jpg

254.15 KB

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 1_acrylic on paper_72x72cm_1986.jpg

247.86 KB

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 12_acrylic on paper_53x53cm_1986.jpg

217.50 KB

    H.R.Giger_E.L.P. 9_acrylic on paper_73x73cm_1986.jpg

194.21 KB

    H.R.Giger_SKETCH FOR ELP 9_acrylic on paper_84x45cm_1986.jpg

23.62 KB

   1989 - Hell's Angels Of Switzerland

    H.R.Giger_HELL'S ANGELS sketch 6_felt pen on paper_42x30cm_1989.jpg

342.92 KB

    H.R.Giger_HELL'S ANGELS sketch 4_felt pen on paper_42x30cm_1989.jpg

269.13 KB

    H.R.Giger_HELL'S ANGELS sketch 5_felt pen on paper_42x30cm_1989.jpg

257.77 KB

    H.R.Giger_HELL'S ANGELS sketch 3_felt pen on paper_42x30cm_1989.jpg

253.37 KB

    H.R.Giger_HELL'S ANGELS OF SWITZERLAND_poster hand-coloured_45x43cm_1989.jpg

226.22 KB

    H.R.Giger_HELL'S ANGELS sketch 2_felt pen on paper_42x30cm_1989.jpg

188.94 KB

    H.R.Giger_HELL'S ANGELS sketch 1_felt pen on paper_42x30cm_1989.jpg

171.49 KB

   1991 - 700 Years Of Waiting_Dead Star_Marquis De Sade

    H.R.Giger_DEAD STAR - DRAWING_ink on transcop_1991.jpg

374.30 KB

    H.R.Giger_ILLUSTRATION FOR MARQUIS DE SADE 01_30x21cm_1991.jpg

236.48 KB

    H.R.Giger_ILLUSTRATION FOR MARQUIS DE SADE 04_30x21cm_1991.jpg

207.21 KB

    H.R.Giger_ILLUSTRATION FOR MARQUIS DE SADE 08_30x21cm_1991.jpg

207.06 KB

    H.R.Giger_ILLUSTRATION FOR MARQUIS DE SADE 06_30x21cm_1991.jpg

183.95 KB

    H.R.Giger_700 YEARS OF WAITING FOR CH-91 (INTERIOR)_zink litograph on carton_44x35cm_1991.jpg

182.48 KB

    H.R.Giger_700 YEARS OF WAITING FOR A&B POST_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1991.jpg

179.27 KB

    H.R.Giger_ILLUSTRATION FOR MARQUIS DE SADE 11_30x21cm_1991.jpg

171.63 KB

    H.R.Giger_DEAD STAR - DRAWING_ink on paper_25.6x18cm_1991_.jpg

163.53 KB

    H.R.Giger_DEAD STAR - DRAWING_ink on paper_29.7x21cm_1991.jpg

163.41 KB

    H.R.Giger_700 YEARS OF WAITING FOR AUSCHWITZ-PLATZSPITZ_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1991.jpg

142.83 KB

    H.R.Giger_DEAD STAR - DRAWING_ink on paper_25.6x18cm_1991.jpg

138.15 KB

    H.R.Giger_DEAD STAR - DRAWING_ink on paper_29.5x20.3cm_1991.jpg

135.02 KB

    H.R.Giger_DEAD STAR_acrylic on paper_162.5x90cm_1991.jpg

134.33 KB

    H.R.Giger_ILLUSTRATION FOR MARQUIS DE SADE 02_30x21cm_1991.jpg

113.38 KB

    H.R.Giger__THE PENTACLE DEVOURS ITS ELEMENTS_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1991.jpg

85.97 KB

    H.R.Giger_700 YEARS OF WAITING FOR CH-91 (COVER)_zinc litograph on carton_44x35cm_1991.jpg

85.10 KB

    H.R.Giger__INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP 2_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1991.jpg

67.13 KB

    H.R.Giger_DEAD STAR - THE DEMON DETAIL_acrylic on paper_71x125cm_1991.jpg

32.72 KB

   1992 - H.R.Giger's Baphomet Tarot (24 zinc lithographies, A4 format)

    giger_Tarot 23_MEDITATION.jpg

72.23 KB

    giger_Tarot 04_DER HERRSCHER.jpg

71.16 KB

    giger_Tarot 01_DER MAGIER.jpg

67.84 KB

    giger_Tarot 19_DIE SONNE.jpg

66.38 KB

    giger_Tarot 17_DER STERN.jpg

63.73 KB

    giger_Tarot 06_DIE LIEBENDEN.jpg

62.69 KB

    giger_Tarot 02_DIE HOMEPRIESTERIN.jpg

62.41 KB

    giger_Tarot 07_DER WAGEN.jpg

62.41 KB

    giger_Tarot 22_ENDE ANFANG.jpg

62.32 KB

    giger_Tarot 10_DAS SCHICKSALSRAD.jpg

60.92 KB

    giger_Tarot 08_DIE KRAFT.jpg

60.88 KB

    giger_Tarot 14_DIE ALCHIMIE.jpg

60.87 KB

    giger_Tarot 21_DAS UNIVERSUM.jpg

59.85 KB

    giger_Tarot 20_DAS GERICHT.jpg

59.24 KB

    giger_Tarot 09_DER EREMIT.jpg

59.15 KB

    giger_Tarot 15_DER TEUFEL.jpg

57.35 KB

    giger_Tarot 11_DIE GERECHTIGTEIK.jpg

56.92 KB

    giger_Tarot 05_DER HOMEPRIESTER.jpg

55.46 KB

    giger_Tarot 12_DIE GEHANGTE.jpg

54.59 KB

    giger_Tarot 03_DER HERRSCHERIN.jpg

52.22 KB

    giger_Tarot 16_DER TURM.jpg

51.48 KB

    giger_Tarot 13_DER TOD.jpg

50.89 KB

    giger_Tarot 18_DER MOND.jpg

37.61 KB

   1993 - Zodiac

    H.R.Giger_ZODIAC SIGN VIRGO_1993.jpg

510.39 KB

    H.R.Giger_ZODIAC TAURUS_litograph_70x100cm_1993.jpg

478.01 KB

    H.R.Giger_ZODIAC FOUNTAIN_litograph on paper_70x100cm_1993.jpg

433.76 KB

    H.R.Giger_ZODIAC SIGN PISCES_litograph_100x70cm_1993.jpg

404.66 KB

    H.R.Giger_ZODIAC FOUNTAIN 4_studie for the 'pisces' litho_100x70cm_1993.jpg

119.48 KB

    H.R.Giger_ZODIAC FOUNTAIN 3_studie for the 'pisces' litho_100x70cm_1993.jpg

107.38 KB

    H.R.Giger_ZODIAC FOUNTAIN 2_studie for the 'pisces' litho_100x70cm_1993.jpg

54.36 KB

    H.R.Giger_ZODIAC FOUNTAIN 1_studie for the 'pisces' litho_100x70cm_1993.jpg

8.05 KB

   1994 - Species

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - THE METHAMORPHOSIS OF SIL'S HEAD_felt on paper_29.7x40.3cm_1994.jpg

330.87 KB

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - SIL, THE KISS_photocopy overworked, pencil paper_29.7x21cm_1994.jpg

156.76 KB

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - GHOST TRAIN_1994.jpg

89.74 KB

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - SIL, STATE 2, METHAMORPHOSIS, FRONT VIEW_felt pen on transcop_80.5x29.5cm_1994.jpg

72.66 KB

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - PATRICK MONSTER_litho_30x21cm_1995.jpg

71.66 KB

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - SIL, STATE 2, METHAMORPHOSIS, SIDE VIEW_acrylic on transcop_51x83.5cm_1994.jpg

67.67 KB

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - SIL, STATE 2, METHAMORPHOSIS, BACK VIEW_felt pen on transcop_68.2x24cm_1994.jpg

63.79 KB

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - SIL, STATE 2, METHAMORPHOSIS, VERSION 1_acrylic on transcop_84.7x49.5cm_1994.jpg

52.61 KB

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - SIL 1_felt pen on transcop_1994.jpg

24.92 KB

    H.R.Giger_SPECIES - SIL 2_felt pen on paper_1994.jpg

21.99 KB

   2001 - Professionals

    H.R.Giger_PROFESSIONALS - BIOMECH TATTOO ARTIST_pencil on paper_30x21cm_2001.jpg

31.41 KB

    H.R.Giger_PROFESSIONALS - BIOMECH CONSTRUCTOR WORKER_pencil on pencil_30x21cm_2001.jpg

9.38 KB

    H.R.Giger_PROFESSIONALS - BIOMECH BRICKLAYER_pencil on paper_30x21cm_2001.jpg

9.33 KB

    H.R.Giger_PROFESSIONALS - BIOMECH CAR MECHANIC_pencil on paper_30x21cm_2001.jpg

8.35 KB

    H.R.Giger_PROFESSIONALS - BIOMECH PAINTER_pencil on paper_30x21cm_2001.jpg

8.15 KB

    H.R.Giger_PROFESSIONALS - BIOMECH PLUMBER_pencil on paper_30x21cm_2001.jpg

6.97 KB

    H.R.Giger_PROFESSIONALS_pencil on paper_30x21cm_2001.jpg

6.18 KB

   H.R.Giger_1993_BEER WAR_lithograph_56x75cm.jpg

480.00 KB

   H.R.Giger_1993_WATCHOZ_ballpoint on transcop_42x33.7cm_(No.WA69).jpg

370.66 KB

   H.R.Giger_2003_SABOTAGE_sketch 2.jpg

357.84 KB

   H.R.Giger_1996_EDUCATION CHART No.6 FOR ENLIGHTENMENT IN GULLENEN_neocolor, pen, marker on photocopy_29.7x21cm.jpg

232.28 KB


227.56 KB


215.82 KB

   H.R.Giger_1987_GOHO DOHJI 19_acrylic on paper_140x100cm_(No.TM19).jpg

209.32 KB

   H.R.Giger_1987_GOHO DOHJI 18_acrylic on paper on wood_140x100cm_(No.TM18).jpg

185.93 KB

   H.R.Giger_1992_DEATH IN A MOUSETRAP 1_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm.jpg

166.47 KB

   H.R.Giger_2003_SABOTAGE_sketch 3.jpg

148.74 KB

   H.R.Giger_1996_EDUCATION CHART No.5 FOR ENLIGHTENMENT IN GULLENEN_neocolor, pen, marker on photocopy_29.7x21cm.jpg

144.94 KB


140.94 KB

   H.R.Giger_1989_ROBOFOK 1_marker on paper_42x30cm.jpg

135.43 KB

   H.R.Giger_2003_SABOTAGE_sketch 1.jpg

133.36 KB

   H.R.Giger_1989_CTHULHU RISING - HOMAGE TO LOVECRAFT_marker on paper_30x21cm.jpg

119.31 KB

   H.R.Giger_1993_OULU FILM FESTIVAL (FINLAND)_offset print_100x70cm.jpg

109.81 KB


102.80 KB

   H.R.Giger_1989_ROBOFOK 3_marker on paper_42x30cm.jpg

96.53 KB

   H.R.Giger_1994_SWISS METRO_hand colored zinc litography_49.5x69cm.jpg

92.50 KB


91.52 KB

   H.R.Giger_2003_ALIENS IN GIGER BAR_40x30cm_2003.jpg

88.39 KB

   H.R.Giger_1992_DEATH IN A MOUSETRAP 2_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm.jpg

84.57 KB

   H.R.Giger_1992_THE MYSTERY OF SAN GOTTARDO, PART 12b ''SATURDAY NIGHT''_detail_ink on transcop_29.7x21cm.jpg

84.48 KB

   H.R.Giger_1987_SKETCH - MACHINE (version 2).jpg

82.40 KB


80.51 KB

   H.R.Giger_1990_MIGROS CARRIER-BAG_marker on paper_40x98cm.jpg

71.59 KB

   H.R.Giger_1985_BACK TO MOTHER_litograph_42x30cm.jpg

71.38 KB

   H.R.Giger_1992_SKETCH-BOOK PRINT_lithography on zinc_21x70cm.jpg

70.30 KB

   H.R.Giger_1989_CATARACT 2_detail_acrylic, pastel on paper_70x100cm.jpg

69.78 KB

   H.R.Giger_1990_DRAWING FOR ALIEN 3_ink, grease pen, pencil on paper_21x39.5cm.jpg

65.84 KB

   H.R.Giger_1964_NO TITLE.jpg

65.02 KB

   H.R.Giger_1989_ROBOFOK 2_marker on paper_42x30cm.jpg

63.69 KB

   H.R.Giger_1993_KOFFEN, INKFACES_acrylic on vellum.jpg

59.35 KB

   H.R.Giger_1993_CHAIN COMBINED WITH WATCH TABLES_ballpoint on paper_30x21cm_(No.WA87).jpg

55.25 KB

   H.R.Giger_1988_EXPANDED DRAWINGS d_wax stick, oil tick, neocolor, pastel_42x30cm.jpg

52.75 KB

   H.R.Giger_1988_EXPANDED DRAWINGS a_42x30cm.jpg

50.17 KB

   H.R.Giger_1992_THE MYSTERY OF SAN GOTTARDO, PART 12a ''SATURDAY NIGHT''_detail_ink on transcop_29.7x21cm.jpg

49.73 KB

   H.R.Giger_1988_EXPANDED DRAWINGS c_42x30cm.jpg

46.69 KB

   H.R.Giger_1988_EXPANDED DRAWINGS b_42x30cm.jpg

45.32 KB

   H.R.Giger_1990_DRAWING FOR ALIEN 3 - BAMBI ALIEN_pencil on paper_21x32.5cm.jpg

45.16 KB

   H.R.Giger_1974_PRESENT FOR ERNST NEBEL_detail_acrylic on paper_22.9x31.5cm.jpg

45.14 KB

   H.R.Giger_1987_DEATH HEAD_litho.jpg

42.34 KB


41.60 KB


39.93 KB

   H.R.Giger_1981_ESSAY FOR KIM.jpg

38.76 KB

   H.R.Giger_1993_TWO UNTITLED DRAWINGS_marker on paper_30x21cm each one.jpg

37.12 KB

   H.R.Giger_1997_ENGEL VOM HAUS ZUR LETZTEN LATERNE_zinc lithography_70x50cm.jpg

34.51 KB

   H.R.Giger_1994_DRAWING FOR BATMAN FOREVER - BATMOBILE_neocolor on paper_29.7x20.7cm.jpg

34.38 KB

   H.R.Giger_3 HORSEHEADS_etching.jpg

33.97 KB

   H.R.Giger_1997_ALCHYMISCHE HOCHZEIT_zinc lithography_70x50cm.jpg

29.55 KB

   H.R.Giger_1985_AIR PENCIL_ink on paper_70x50cm.jpg

28.79 KB

   H.R.Giger_1991_VAGINAL TONGUE_marker on 'Penthouse' magazine_22x19.8cm.jpg

25.93 KB

   H.R.Giger_1987_POWER AND WEAKNESS OF A RELATIONSHIP_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm.jpg

23.98 KB

   H.R.Giger_1975_FLYER FOR SILVIO BAVIERA GALLERY_airbrush on photo.jpg

22.46 KB

   H.R.Giger_1990_PLAN FOR ALIEN 3 HEAD_ink on translucent vellum_84x114cm_(No.C1).jpg

20.16 KB

   H.R.Giger_1993_CROSSWATCH_ink on paper_21x30cm_(No.WA2).jpg

16.12 KB


11.83 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.242_DAYDREAM, OUVERTURE_link, pencil, coal, acrylic on paper on wood_240x280cm_1973.jpg

496.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.620b_PUMPEXCURSION_neocolor, felt pen on paper_32.7x24.8cm_1989.jpg

481.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.500_TOTEM (detail)_acrylic on paper on wood_100x210cm_1983.jpg

477.78 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.619_STEVE STEVENS, ATOMIC PLAYBOYS_acrylic on photopaper_120x120cm_1989.jpg

466.62 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.057_SHAFT 5a_ink on transcop on paper on wood_42x60cm_1966.jpg

447.90 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.444_BIOMECHANICAL MIA, EGYPTIAN STYLE_acrylic on paper_70x70cm_1980.jpg

434.71 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.407_ALIEN MONSTER 2_acrylic_140x140cm_1978.jpg

434.29 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.618_CARMEN 1_acrylic on photo_120x120cm_1986-89.jpg

429.23 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.071_ASTRO-EUNUCHS_ink on paper on wood_69x69cm_1967.jpg

418.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.262_Passage Temple (Entrance)_detail.jpg

403.06 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.070_CTHULHUL (GENIUS) 3_ink on paper on wood_80x63cm_1967.jpg

397.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.440_ANIMA MIA_acrylic on paper on wood_240x420cm_1980-81.jpg

393.23 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.453_NEW YORK CITY 3 - STRAIGHT_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

386.57 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.217_ELP 1 (BRAIN SALAD SURGERY)_acrylic on paper_34x34cm_1973.jpg

385.24 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.473_NEW YORK CITY 23 - SUBWAY_acrylic on paper_100x140cm_1981.jpg

381.43 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.360_ATTAHK (COVER FOR MAGMA)_acrylic on paper_100x100cm_1978.jpg

377.91 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.401_LOVECRAFTS BESUCH_acrylic on paper_30x21cm_1978.jpg

377.45 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.384_ALIEN - HIEROGLYPHICS_acrylic on paper_200x140cm_1978.jpg

373.10 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.072_MOTHER WITH CHILD_ink on paper_80x88cm_1967.jpg

371.94 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.475_NEW YORK CITY 25_acrylic, ink on paper_200x140cm_1981.jpg

371.32 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.312_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1976.jpg

370.61 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.210_ALEPH_ink on paper on wood_240x216cm_1972-73.jpg

370.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.435_RASTERBILD 1_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1980.jpg

370.39 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.461_NEW YORK CITY 11 - EXOTIC_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980-81.jpg

366.85 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.402_SPACETRIP 1_acrylic on paper_30x21cm_1978.jpg

365.77 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.062a_SHAFT 6a_ink on paper_80x63cm_1966-68.jpg

365.30 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.271_NATIONAL PARK 1_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1975.jpg

364.98 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.385_ALIEN - LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

364.91 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.403_SPACETRIP 2_acrylic on paper_30x21cm_1978.jpg

363.10 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.559_PORTRAIT OF BARBARA M. 1_acrylic on photo_100x100cm_1983.jpg

362.38 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.261_Passage Temple (Live)_detail 1.jpg

357.98 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.067_ORGANICS 3 - PHANTOM DER OPER_ink on paper on wood_80x63cm_1966.jpg

355.34 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.605_HOMAGE TO MELLY_pastel on paper_34x48cm_1987.jpg

354.84 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.703_TILE ZINC_zinc_93.5x77.5cm_1982.jpg

354.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.181_ASSUAN_ink on paper on wood_240x420cm_1972.jpg

354.39 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.462_NEW YORK CITY 12 - SCIENCE-FICTION_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980-81.jpg

353.11 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.468_NEW YORK CITY 18 - NAEHMASCHINE_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1981.jpg

351.32 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.458_NEW YORK CITY 8 - SEITENSTACHEL_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

351.28 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.454_NEW YORK CITY 4 - STACHEL_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

348.58 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.472_NEW YORK CITY 22 - SUBWAY_acrylic on paper_199x140cm_1981.jpg

347.94 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.410_ALIEN MONSTER 5_acrylic on paper on wood_140x140cm_1978.jpg

346.69 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.258_LANDSCAPE 30_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1975.jpg

346.34 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.105_BIOMECHANOID_ink on paper_100x74cm_1969.jpg

346.02 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.378_ALIEN - EGGSILO EXTERIOR_acrylic on paper_100x140cm_1978.jpg

340.72 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.218_ELP 2 (BRAIN SALAD SURGERY)_acrylic on paper_34x34cm_1973.jpg

340.06 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.104_BIOMECHANOID_ink on paper_100x74cm_1969.jpg

336.93 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.249_LANDSCAPE 29_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1974.jpg

336.93 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.466_NEW YORK CITY 16 - BASERAKER_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980-81.jpg

336.88 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.066_ORGANICS 2_ink on paper_80x63cm_1966.jpg

336.36 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.079_ALPHA_ink on paper on wood_110x105cm_1967.jpg

336.33 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.061_TOWN 2_ink on paper_42x60cm_1966.jpg

336.01 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.054_THE VOICE OF AMERICA 1_ink on paper_42x50cm_1966.jpg

334.69 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.400_LOVECRAFT UND SEINE HAUSTIERE_acrylic on paper_30x21cm_1978.jpg

334.40 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.347_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper on wood_100x140cm_1977.jpg

334.13 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.062_SHAFT 6_ink on paper_80x63cm_1966-68.jpg

333.29 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.102_BIOMECHANOID_ink on paper_100x74cm1969.jpg

331.78 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.319_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 1_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1976.jpg

331.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.060_TOWN 1_ink on paper_42x60cm_1966.jpg

331.37 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.560_PORTRAIT OF BARBARA M. 2_acrylic on photo_100x100cm_1983.jpg

330.41 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.561_THE TRUMPETS OF JERICHO_acrylic on photopaper on aluminium_100x100cm_1983-87.jpg

330.07 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.068_ORGANIC MATTER 3_ink on paper on wood_80x63cm_1966.jpg

329.33 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.469_NEW YORK CITY 19 - DOM_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1981.jpg

328.72 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.473b_DEBBIE 3 (COVER)_acrylic on photo_100x100cm_1981.jpg

327.58 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.356_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1977.jpg

327.42 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.100_BIOMECHANOID_ink on paper_100x74cm_1969.jpg

327.29 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.417_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 2_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1979.jpg

327.04 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.445_BIOMECHANICAL INTERIOR_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

326.65 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.344_MIRROR IMAGE_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1977.jpg

325.84 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.478_NEW YORK CITY 28 - CROSS OPPOSITE_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1981.jpg

325.49 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.576_MAGMA 2_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1985.jpg

325.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.255_BIOMECHANOID 3_acrylic on paper on wood_134x103cm_1974.jpg

324.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.215_LANDSCAPE 18_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1973.jpg

324.88 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.314a_THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1976.jpg

322.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.415_UGLY_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1979.jpg

322.86 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.476_NEW YORK CITY 26_acrylic on wood_100x210cm_1981.jpg

322.03 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.103_BIOMECHANOID_ink on paper_100x74cm_1969.jpg

320.90 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.298a_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 2a_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1976.jpg

320.86 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.513_DAEMON_acrylic on paper_50x40cm_1978.jpg

320.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.465_NEW YORK CITY 15 - CROSSING_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1981.jpg

319.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.170_PASSAGE 13_acrylic on wood_200x140cm_1971-72.jpg

319.73 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.101_BIOMECHANOID_ink on paper_100x74cm_1969.jpg

318.88 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.259_THE LORD OF THE RINGS 1_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1975.jpg

318.82 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.010_BIRDS_ink on transcop on wood_25x44cm_1968.jpg

318.76 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.433_ZDF-BILD_acrylic on paper_100x140cm_1980.jpg

316.56 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.412_VLAD TEPES_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1978.jpg

316.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.421b_EROTOMECHANICS 6_sieve print_70x100cm_1979.jpg

314.85 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.221_FRIEDRICH KUHN 2_photogravure_105x78cm_1973.jpg

314.85 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.270_THE LORD OF THE RINGS 2_acrylic on paper on wood_100x140cm_1975.jpg

313.44 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.274_A CROWLEY (THE BEAST 666)_acrylic on paper_200x140cm_1975.jpg

312.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.342_DEATHBIRTH MACHINE 2_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1977.jpg

311.25 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.474_NEW YORK CITY 24 - ESCALATOR_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1981.jpg

310.59 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.477_NEW YORK CITY 27_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1981.jpg

309.24 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.257_BEHEMOTH_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1975.jpg

308.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.253_MUMMIES_acrylic on paper on wood_68x68cm_1974.jpg

307.94 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.418_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 3 (TRAINS)_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1979.jpg

306.10 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.349_LILITH_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1976-77.jpg

305.94 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.328_SPACE 1_acrylic on paper on wood_100x140cm_1976.jpg

305.78 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.307_MASTER AND MARGERITA_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1976.jpg

305.53 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.297_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 1_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1976.jpg

305.43 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.482_RED BIOMECHANICAL CITY_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1982.jpg

304.31 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.065_ORGANICS 1_ink on paper on wood_80x63cm_1966.jpg

303.90 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.603_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 2_acrylic on paper on wood_100x140cm_1987.jpg

303.43 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.524_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPES_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1983.jpg

303.33 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.238_The Spell 2_detail.jpg

303.15 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.525_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPES_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1983.jpg

302.68 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.457_NEW YORK CITY 7 - VERTICAL SLANT_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

302.32 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.422b_EROTOMECHANICS 7_sieve print_70x100cm_1979.jpg

302.15 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.302a_NECRONOM 3_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1976.jpg

300.15 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.099_BIOMECHANOID_ink on paper_100x74cm_1969.jpg

298.81 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.413_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE (MIT KOEPFEN)_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1979.jpg

298.54 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.295_SAMURAI_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1976.jpg

298.33 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.501_TOTEM 1_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1983.jpg

298.25 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.512_FOR JUDITH_acrylic on paper_70x50cm_1983.jpg

298.19 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.329_BED STATION 1_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1976.jpg

298.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.085_BIRTH MACHINE_ink on paper on wood_170x110cm_1967.jpg

297.18 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.304_NECRONOM 5_acrylic on paper_100x150cm_1976.jpg

296.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.251_LI 2_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1974.jpg

295.28 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.464_NEW YORK CITY 14 - FACTORY_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1981.jpg

293.80 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.325_SATAN 2_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1976.jpg

293.79 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.261_Passage Temple (Live)_detail 2.jpg

293.11 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.452_NEW YORK CITY 2 - LOVECRAFT OVER NYC_acrylic, ink on paper_100x140cm_1980.jpg

292.60 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.448_HARKONNEN CHAIR DESIGN_acrylic, ink on paper_215x140cm_1980.jpg

292.20 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.423b_EROTOMECHANICS 8 (STRAPSE)_sieve print_70x100cm_1979.jpg

292.12 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.290_DUNE 2_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1975.jpg

290.12 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.456_NEW YORK CITY 6 - TORSO_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

289.74 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.375_ALIEN - WRECK ENTRANCE_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

289.57 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.306_NECRONOM 6_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1976.jpg

289.44 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.562_CHINESE EVOLUTION_acrylic on paper_240x280cm_1981-84.jpg

288.93 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.110_PHALLELUJAH_oil on wood_100x70cm_1968-69.jpg

288.14 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.341_HEXENTANZ_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1977.jpg

287.40 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.358_ILLUMINATUS 1_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1978.jpg

286.32 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.093_HOMAGE TO S.BECKETT 1_oil on wood_100x80cm_1968.jpg

284.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.472b_DEBBIE 2_acrylic on photo_100x100cm_1981.jpg

284.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.214_LANDSCAPE 17_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1973.jpg

282.53 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.450a_PLAN FOR FRAME AND LAMP_acrylic on paper_215x140cm_1981.jpg

281.04 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.138_BIOMECHANOID 70_four-color sieve print_100x70cm_1970.jpg

280.72 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.553_VICTORY 8 (HOMAGE TO MAX ERNST)_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1983.jpg

280.60 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.261_Passage Temple (Live)_detail 3.jpg

280.00 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.115_LANDSCAPE_oil on carton_41x32cm_1967-69.jpg

279.88 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.460_NEW YORK CITY 10 - CHELSEA BEASTS_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980-81.jpg

279.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.406_ALIEN MONSTER (GIGER'S ALIEN)_acrylic on paper_140x140cm_1979_B&N.jpg

278.80 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.280_MORDOR 4_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1975.jpg

278.41 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.098_BIOMECHANOID_ink on paper_100x74cm_1969.jpg

278.30 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.414_SCHRANKTUER FUER MIA_acrylic on wood_158x89cm_1979.jpg

278.17 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.516_VICTORY 5 (SATAN)_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1983.jpg

278.17 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.283_MORDOR 7_acrylic on wood_100x70cm_1975.jpg

278.01 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.373_ALIEN - FRONT-VIEW 3_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

277.74 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.510_VICTORY 3_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1981-83.jpg

277.57 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.597_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 1_acrylic on paper on wood_100x140cm_1987.jpg

276.66 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.063_SHAFT 7_ink on paper on wood_80x63cm_1966.jpg

275.63 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.350_HOMAGE TO BOECKLIN_acrylic on paper on wood_100x140cm_1977.jpg

275.22 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.207_LANDSCAPE 14_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1973.jpg

274.97 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.490_THE TOURIST 2 - BIOMECHANIC BIRD-ROBOT IN HIS ROOM_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1982.jpg

274.92 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.523_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPES_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1983.jpg

274.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.621_PUMPEXCURSION 4_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1989-91.jpg

274.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.616_THE WITNESSES_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1988.jpg

273.70 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.250_LI 1_photogravure, handcolored_70x97cm_1974.jpg

273.26 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.313_DEATHBIRTH MACHINE 1_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1976.jpg

271.64 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.289_DUNE 1_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1975.jpg

271.64 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.216_LANDSCAPE 19_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1973.jpg

270.77 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.506_BOMBS 2_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1983.jpg

270.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.455_NEW YORK CITY 5 - EMBRYOGROWTH_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

269.61 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.425b_EROTOMECHANICS 10 (FELLATIO ABSTRAKT)_sieve print_70x100cm_1979.jpg

269.02 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.479_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper on wood_240x140cm_1981.jpg

268.31 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.300_NECRONOM 1_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1976.jpg

267.92 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.579_MAGMA 5_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1985.jpg

266.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.208_LANDSCAPE 15_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1972-73.jpg

265.87 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.084_LANDSCAPE_oil on carton_46x54cm_1967.jpg

263.31 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.292_DUNE 4_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1976.jpg

263.03 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.582_MARLYSE OF CIRCULATION_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1986.jpg

262.91 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.420b_EROTOMECHANICS 5_sieve print_70x100cm_1979.jpg

262.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.600_THE REDEEMER_acrylic on paper on wood_70x50cm_1983-87.jpg

261.88 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.355_DEATHBIRTH MACHINE3_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1977.jpg

261.86 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.087_UNDER THR EARTH_ink on transcop on wood_170x110cm_1968.jpg

261.54 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.588_JAPANESE EXCURSION 3_acrylic on paper on wood_140x100cm_1996.jpg

261.36 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.424b_EROTOMECHANICS 9 (FELLATIO)_sieve print_70x100cm_1979.jpg

261.20 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.409_ALIEN MONSTER 3_acrylic_140x140cm_1978.jpg

260.80 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.408_ALIEN MONSTER 4_acrylic on paper on wood_140x140cm_1978_B&N.jpg

260.62 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.471b_DEBBIE 1_acrylic on photo_100x100cm_1981.jpg

259.52 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.354_TAU_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1977.jpg

258.28 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.363i_ALIEN - EGG 1_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1977.jpg

258.20 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.302_NECRONOM 4_acrylic on paper on wood_100x150cm_1976.jpg

258.04 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.517_VICTORY 6_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1983.jpg

258.03 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.235_PASSAGE 32_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1973.jpg

256.37 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.438_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE (SCYTHE)_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1980.jpg

256.06 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.548_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1984.jpg

255.86 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.374_ALIEN - WRECK_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

255.57 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.256_MINON_acrylic, ink on paper_200x140cm_1974.jpg

254.90 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.069_ATOMIC CHILDREN_ink on transcop on paper on wood_170x108cm_1967-68.jpg

254.35 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.301_NECRONOM 2_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1976.jpg

254.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.275_CHIDHER GREEN_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1975.jpg

253.94 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.463_NEW YORK CITY 13_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

252.91 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.505_BOMBS 1_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1983.jpg

252.36 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.238_THE SPELL 2_acrylic, ink on paper on wood_240x420cm_1974_B&N.jpg

252.25 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.114_HEAD 3_oil on carton_54x46cm_1969.jpg

252.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.550_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1984.jpg

250.48 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.483_DOPPELTORSO MIT HAKEN_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1972-81.jpg

250.19 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.522_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPES_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1983.jpg

249.56 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.520_BIOMECHANOID 1_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1975-83.jpg

249.32 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.293_DUNE 5_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1976.jpg

248.20 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.428_BEGOETTERUNG 11_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1979.jpg

247.94 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.578_MAGMA 4_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1985.jpg

247.68 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.248_LANDSCAPE 28_acrylic, ink on paper on wood_70x100cm_1974.jpg

247.64 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.386_ALIEN - EGGSILO INTERIOR 1_acrylic on paper_100x140cm_1978.jpg

247.10 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.272_BAPHOMET (NACH ELIPHAS LEVI)_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1975.jpg

247.05 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.397_ALIEN - LANDSCAPE WITH WRECK_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

247.01 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.607_THE NET 2_acrylic on paper on wood_140x100cm_1988.jpg

246.91 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.396_ALIEN - WRECK (DETAIL)_acrylic on paper on wood_100x140cm_1978.jpg

246.68 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.111_HOMAGE TO S.BECKETT 3_oil on wood_100x80cm_1969.jpg

246.40 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.009_THE HELLS ANGELS_ink on transcop on wood_25x44cm_1968.jpg

245.64 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.431_BIOMECHANICAL SOULJOURNEY_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1980.jpg

244.58 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.377_ALIEN - COCKPIT_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

244.43 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.426_DUNE WORM 12_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1979.jpg

244.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.363b_ALIEN - EGG 2_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1978.jpg

243.77 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.575_MAGMA 1_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1985.jpg

243.69 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.434_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1980.jpg

243.66 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.564_LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1985.jpg

243.64 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.146_FILZSTITZEICHNUNG_felt pen on paper_100x280cm_1971.jpg

243.59 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.393_ALIEN - KOKON_acrylic on photo_100x140cm_1978.jpg

243.44 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.595_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_42x29cm_1987.jpg

243.40 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.515_VICTORY 4_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1983.jpg

243.38 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.117_PASSAGE 5_oil on wood_100x80cm_1969-70.jpg

243.33 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.518_RED TOTEM 1_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1983.jpg

243.22 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.507_BIOMECHANOID_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1983.jpg

243.14 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.419b_EROTOMECHANICS 4_acrylic_70x100cm_1979_B&N.jpg

243.04 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.281_MORDOR 5_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1975.jpg

243.03 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.220_FRIEDRICH KUHN 1_acrylic on photo_80x60cm_1973.jpg

242.47 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.082_LANDSCAPE_oil on carton_46x54cm_1967.jpg

242.33 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.055_THE VOICE OF AMERICA 2_ink on paper_42x60cm_1966.jpg

242.25 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.311_GIGER'S NECRONOMICON_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1976.jpg

241.85 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.351_CATARACT_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1977.jpg

241.79 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.327_AUFBRUCH ZUM SABBAT_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1976.jpg

241.71 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.599_CITY 1_acrylic on paper on wood_70x50cm_1983-86.jpg

241.27 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.437_BEAUGOURG_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1980.jpg

241.10 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.177_PASSAGE 21_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

241.02 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.408_ALIEN MONSTER 4_acrylic on paper on wood_140x140cm_1978.jpg

239.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.348_DEATH_acrylic on paper_100x140cm_1977.jpg

239.73 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.202_LANDSCAPE 9_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1972.jpg

238.63 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.561r_LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1985.jpg

238.40 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.252_BIOMECHANOID 1_acrylic on wood_200x140cm_1974.jpg

238.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.282_MORDOR 6_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1975.jpg

237.78 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.326_SERGIUS GOLOWIN_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1976.jpg

236.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.324_SATAN 1_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1976.jpg

236.05 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.551_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1984.jpg

236.03 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.592_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_42x29cm_1987.jpg

235.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.383_ALIEN - WELL WITH MEMBRANE_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

235.34 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.380_ALIEN - PILOT IN COCKPIT_acrylic on paper_100x140cm_1978.jpg

235.32 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.296_MORDOR 12_acrylic on wood_100x70cm_1976.jpg

234.68 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.376_ALIEN - HALL INSIDE THE WRECK_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

234.45 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.209_LANDSCAPE 16_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1972.jpg

234.10 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.120_PASSAGE 8_oil on wood_100x80cm_1970.jpg

233.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.308_BIOMECHANOID_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1976.jpg

233.71 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.416_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 1_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1979.jpg

233.43 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.508_BIOMECHANOID WITH THREE HEADS_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1983.jpg

233.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.388_ALIEN - EGGSILO INTERIOR 2_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1978.jpg

232.62 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.381_ALIEN - EGG 3_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1978.jpg

232.06 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.560r_LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1985.jpg

231.40 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.593_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_42x29cm_1987.jpg

231.37 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.359_ILLUMINATUS 2_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1978.jpg

229.29 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.549_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1984.jpg

228.79 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.267_BIOMECHANOID_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1975.jpg

228.24 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.203_LANDSCAPE 10 (TELL '73)_acrylic on paper on wood_140x200cm_1973.jpg

227.12 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.113_PASSAGE 2_oil on carton_54x46cm_1969-70.jpg

225.68 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.492_THE TOURIST 4 - THE CRIATURE WITH THE TENTACLE_acrylic on paper_100x150cm_1982.jpg

224.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.112_PASSAGE 1_oil on carton_54x46cm_1969.jpg

224.28 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.276_THE MAGUS_acrylic on paper on wood_200x140cm_1975.jpg

222.85 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.364_ALIEN - FACEHUGGER 1_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1977.jpg

222.81 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.118_PASSAGE 6_oil on wood_100x80cm_1969.jpg

222.78 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.577_MAGMA 3_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1985.jpg

218.11 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.562r_LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1985.jpg

217.44 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.331_THE SPELL 4_acrylic on paper on wood_240x420cm_1977.jpg

217.23 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.365_ALIEN - FACEHUGGER 2_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1977.jpg

216.68 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.494_THE TOURIST 6 - SOME ALIEN HEADS_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1982.jpg

216.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.497_THE TOURIST 9 - HANGING ALIEN LOOKING DYING SPIDER_acrylic on paper_144x80cm_1982.jpg

216.26 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.535_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPES_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1983.jpg

214.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.467_NEW YORK CITY 17 - CROWLEY_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

213.05 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.094_HOMAGE TO S.BECKETT 2_oil on wood_100x80cm_1968.jpg

212.83 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.533_BIOMECHANOIDS_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1983.jpg

212.81 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.266_SHOE-WORK LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper on wood_50x35cm_1975.jpg

212.17 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.367_ALIEN - MAN WITH HELMET AND FACEHUGGER_acrylic on paper_70x199cm_1978.jpg

211.40 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.157_PASSAGE 10_acrylic on wood_200x140cm_1971_B&N.jpg

210.49 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.552_VICTORY 7 (PUNK)_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1983.jpg

210.07 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.199_LANDSCAPE 7_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1972.jpg

208.51 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.496_THE TOURIST 8 - TWO AGNATIC ALIENS_acrylic on paper_135x100cm_1982.jpg

207.91 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.219_LANDSCAPE 20_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1973.jpg

207.35 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.537_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPES_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1983.jpg

206.91 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.246_FEMALE MAGICIAN_pencil, acrylic on wood_131x60cm_1973.jpg

206.78 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.583_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 1_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1984-86.jpg

206.25 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.559x_PIONEER_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1984.jpg

206.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.182_PASSAGE 22_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

205.42 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.080_LANDSCAPE_oil on carton_46x38cm_1967-69_B&N.jpg

205.29 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.586_JAPANESE EXCURSION 1_acrylic on paper on wood_140x100cm_1986.jpg

204.48 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.116_PASSAGE 4_oil on wood_100x80cm_1969_B&N.jpg

203.65 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.372_ALIEN - SIDE-VIEW 3_acrylic on paper_140x100cm_1978.jpg

203.35 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.368_ALIEN - CHESTBUSTER_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

202.00 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.144_THE FOUR ELEMENTS_oil on wood_110x85cm_1970.jpg

201.65 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.499_THE TOURIST 11 - HANGING ALIEN WITH WINGS WITH BACKGROUND_acrylic on paper_140x100cm_1982.jpg

201.35 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.247_LANDSCAPE 27_acrylic on paper on wood_137x280cm_1974.jpg

197.73 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.449b_PLAN FOR TABLE LEG_acrylic on paper_200x140cm_1981.jpg

196.43 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.489_THE TOURIST 1 - BIOMECHANIC BIRD-ROBOT_acrylic on paper_179x100cm_1982.jpg

196.30 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.602_THE SHINER_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1983-87.jpg

195.89 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.534_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPES_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1983.jpg

194.06 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.538_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPES_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1983.jpg

193.82 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.269_BIOMECHANOID 75_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1975.jpg

193.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.352_RAUCHERSTUHL_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1977.jpg

192.47 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.125_PASSAGE TRIPTYCHON_oil on wood_130x205cm_1970.jpg

192.15 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.608_THE BRIDE OF SATAN 2_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1985-87.jpg

191.77 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.305_SAFARI_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1973-76.jpg

190.69 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.196_LANDSCAPE 6_acrylic on carton_70x100cm_1972.jpg

190.52 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.195_LANDSCAPE 5_acrylic on carton_70x100cm_1972.jpg

189.44 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.191_LANDSCAPE 1_acrylic on carton_70x100cm_1972.jpg

187.06 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.294_DUNE 6_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1976.jpg

186.90 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.332_RATTENBILD_acrylic on paper_60x70cm_1977.jpg

185.73 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.470_NEW YORK CITY 20 - A CITY LOOKING FOR A MURDERER_acrylic, ink on paper_140x200cm_1981.jpg

182.94 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.557_FUTURE KILL 1_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1984.jpg

179.84 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.594_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_42x29cm_1987.jpg

178.70 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.317_NECRONOM 8_acrylic on paper on wood_30x21cm_1976.jpg

178.48 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.532_BIOMECHANOID_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1983.jpg

177.62 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.268_ISLAND OF DEATH (AFTER BOECKLIN)_acrylic on paper on wood_100x140cm_1975.jpg

175.88 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.224_PASSAGE 27_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1973.jpg

174.31 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.192_LANDSCAPE 2_acrylic on carton_70x100cm_1972.jpg

171.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.379_ALIEN - FACEHUGGER 4_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

171.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.571_HYPERSPACE 2_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1985.jpg

169.14 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.232_PASSAGE 29_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1973.jpg

169.12 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.184_PASSAGE 24_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

167.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.262_PASSAGE TEMPLE (ENTRANCE)_acrylic on paper on wood_240x280cm_1975.jpg

167.31 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.610_PUMPEXCURSION 1_acrylic on paper on wood_140x100cm_1988.jpg

167.23 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.079a_ALPHA 1_ink on transcop on paper on wood_120x105cm_1967.jpg

167.01 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.620_PUMPEXCURSION 3_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1989.jpg

166.66 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.244_WEGMUELLER'S DAYDREAM_ink, pencil, coal, acrylic on paper on wood_240x280cm_1973.jpg

166.02 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.058_HEAD 1_ink on transcop_42x60cm_1966.jpg

164.28 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.471_NEW YORK CITY 21 - SUBWAY_acrylic, ink on paper_100x140cm_1981.jpg

163.54 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.432_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_ink on paper_70x100cm_1980.jpg

161.88 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.080_LANDSCAPE_oil on carton_46x38cm_1967-69.jpg

161.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.370_ALIEN - SIDE-VIEW 2_acrylic on paper_210x100cm_1978.jpg

159.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.014_VAMPIRES_ink on transcop on wood_25x44cm_1967-68.jpg

158.36 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.481_VICTORY 2_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1982.jpg

156.95 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.580_MACHT UND OHNMACHT EINER BEZIEHUNG_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1986.jpg

155.69 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.126_BATHTUB 2_oil on wood_130x210cm_1970.jpg

154.61 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.366_ALIEN - MAN WITH HELMET_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

154.40 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.587_JAPANESE EXCURSION 2_acrylic on paper on wood_140x100cm_1986.jpg

152.83 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.581_THE BRIDE OF SATAN_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1985-87.jpg

150.34 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.430_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_30x42cm_1980.jpg

149.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.591_THE NET 1_acrylic on paper on wood_140x100cm_1987.jpg

148.15 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.147_FILZSTITZEICHNUNG_felt pen on paper_100x140cm_1971.jpg

146.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.446_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic, ink on paper_100x140cm_1980.jpg

145.80 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.237_The Spell 1_detail.jpg

143.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.318_NECRONOM 9_acrylic on paper_30x21cm_1976.jpg

142.46 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.205_LANDSCAPE 12_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1972-74.jpg

141.71 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.480_VICTORY 1_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1982.jpg

141.14 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.615_SPECIAL REFUSE_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1988.jpg

139.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.263_PASSAGE TEMPLE (DEATH)_acrylic on paper on wood_240x280cm_1975.jpg

137.99 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.371_ALIEN - FRONT-VIEW 2_acrylic on paper_210x100cm_1978.jpg

134.73 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.451_NEW YORK CITY 1 - UGLY_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980.jpg

132.33 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.017_HEXE_ink on transcop on wood_25x21cm_1967-68.jpg

132.25 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.190_CHIQUITA_ink on paper on wood_240x418cm_1972.jpg

132.14 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.310_MORDOR 13 - N.Y.CITY 75_lithograph_24x24cm_1976.jpg

130.06 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.261_PASSAGE TEMPLE (LIVE)_acrylic on paper on wood_240x280cm_1975.jpg

129.80 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.213_KITCHEN-DOOR_ink on paper on wood_200x79cm_1973.jpg

129.43 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.288_LANDSCAPE 32_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1975-76.jpg

124.13 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.320_THE SPELL 3_acrylic on paper on wood_240x280cm_1976.jpg

121.29 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.021b_NO TITLE_ink on paper on wood_1964.jpg

118.70 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.074_PORTRAIT URBAN GWERDER_ink on paper_44x46cm_1967.jpg

118.10 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.212_FRONT IN ENTRANCE HALL_ink on paper on wood_230x55cm_1973.jpg

117.95 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.035_BIRTH MACHINE (VERSION 2)_ink on paper_100x55cm_1965.jpg

115.51 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.021a_NO TITLE_ink on paper on wood_1964.jpg

115.15 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.500_TOTEM_acrylic on paper on wood_100x210cm_1983.jpg

110.74 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.279_MORDOR 3_acrylic on paper_30x21cm_1975.jpg

108.38 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.382_ALIEN - WRACK-AUFSICHT_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1978.jpg

107.15 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.180_SPRITZPISTOLENZEICHNUNG_acrylic on paper_100x140cm_1972.jpg

106.38 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.083_LANDSCAPE_oil on carton_46x54cm_1967.jpg

105.82 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.622_DIE KRAFT_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1992.jpg

101.11 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.554_VICTORY 9_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1983.jpg

99.31 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.237_THE SPELL 1 expanded_acrylic, ink on paper on wood_240x480cm_1973-74.jpg

96.93 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.255_Biomechanoid 3_detail.jpg

93.52 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.278_MORDOR 2_acrylic on paper_30x21cm_1975.jpg

90.26 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.485_KIM 1_acrylic on photo_120x90cm_1981.jpg

89.85 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.186_PASSAGE 26_acrylic on wood_200x140cm_1972.jpg

89.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.440_Anima Mia_detail 2_center.jpg

87.98 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.573_IRENA_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1985.jpg

87.71 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.046_DER VERSUCH, EINEN NEUEN GOTT ZU VEROEFFENTLICHEN_ink on transcop_24x21cm_1966.jpg

86.79 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.459_NEW YORK CITY 9 - CHANGE OF SEASON_acrylic, ink on paper_100x70cm_1980-81.jpg

86.28 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.179_SPRITZPISTOLENZEICHNUNG_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1972.jpg

85.20 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.440_Anima Mia_detail 3_right.jpg

84.90 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.555_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPES_acrylic on paper_1983.jpg

84.46 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.440_Anima Mia_detail 1_left.jpg

82.25 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.048_NACH DEN 120 TAGEN VON SODOM_ink on transcop_24x21cm_1966.jpg

80.36 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.178_SPRITZPISTOLENZEICHNUNG_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1972.jpg

79.62 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.107_PLAN ZU BIOMECHANOID 1_ink on paper_49x74cm_1969.jpg

79.18 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.584_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE 2_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1986.jpg

78.74 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.406_ALIEN MONSTER (GIGER'S ALIEN)_acrylic on paper_140x140cm_1979.jpg

78.04 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.491_THE TOURIST 3 - HANGING CRAB-ALIEN_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1982.jpg

77.94 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.237_THE SPELL 1 _acrylic, ink on paper on wood_240x280cm_1973-74.jpg

76.59 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.206_LANDSCAPE 13_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1972-74.jpg

75.82 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.447a_PLAN ZU SCHRANK_acrylic on paper_215x140cm_1981.jpg

75.54 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.029_THE TOP TEN THOUSAND_ink on paper_30x21cm_1964.jpg

73.43 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.075a_SKETCH SUIT FOR A DOG_felt pen on paper_15x22cm_1968.jpg

73.23 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.211_WC-DOOR_ink on paper on wood_200x75cm_1973.jpg

72.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.041_SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1965.jpg

71.55 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.498_THE TOURIST 10 - SLOAN TRANSFORMING INTO LITTLE ALIENS_acrrylic on paper_70x100cm_1982_B&N.jpg

71.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.503_MEXICAN BOMBS_1983.jpg

71.37 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.570_HYPERSPACE 1_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1985.jpg

71.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.701_ALIEN DANS SES MEUBLES, AU CHATEAU DE GRUYERES_acrylic, marker on paper on wood_100x70cm_1990.jpg

71.17 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.040_NORACYCLIN (CONTRACEPTIVE PILL)_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1965.jpg

69.34 KB


65.38 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.701b_SCHLOSS GRUYERES_acrylic, marker on paper on wood_1990.jpg

65.05 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.095_BIOMECHANOID_ink on film_100x74cm_1969.jpg

64.87 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.030_SUPERMARKET_ink on paper_30x21cm_1965.jpg

64.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.027_STRURMGEWEHRKOPF_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1966.jpg

63.88 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.044_THE CTHULHU_ink on transcop_24x21cm_1966.jpg

62.85 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.043_SHAFT 5_ink on paper_30x21cm_1965.jpg

61.88 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.136_A RHESUS POSITIV_four-color sieve print_100x70cm_1970.jpg

61.38 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.475b_BEMALTER DRESS FUER MONI_1981.jpg

61.29 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.495_THE TOURIST 7 - BIOMECHANICAL ROBOTHEADS_acrylic on paper_100x140cm_1982-94.jpg

61.22 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.081_LANDSCAPE_oil on carton_46x38cm_1967-69.jpg

60.85 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.277_MORDOR 1_acrylic on paper_30x21cm_1975.jpg

60.39 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.015_BELEBTE LUFT_ink on transcop on wood_25x44cm_1967-68.jpg

60.26 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.108_PLAN ZU BIOMECHANOID 2_ink on paper_49x74cm_1969.jpg

59.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.264_PASSAGE TEMPLE (THE WAY OF THE MAGICIAN)_acrylic on paper on wood_240x280cm_1975.jpg

59.94 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.701a_CHATEAU DE GRUYERES_acrylic, marker on paper on wood_1990.jpg

59.92 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.261_Passage Temple (Live)_detail 4.jpg

57.86 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.096_WALPURGIS (LP COVER)_ink on transcop_32x64cm_1969.jpg

57.59 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.042_SHAFT 4_ink on paper_30x21cm_1964.jpg

56.20 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.038_HIS MASTER'S VOICE_ink on paper_30x21cm_1964.jpg

55.66 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.074b_PORTRAIT URBAN GWERDER_ink on paper_44x46cm_1967.jpg

55.24 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.393b_LAMBERT AS KOKON_acrylic on photo_100x70cm_1978.jpg

55.14 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.572_IRENA_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1985.jpg

54.46 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.316_NECRONOM 7_acrylic on paper on wood_30x21cm_1976.jpg

54.31 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.011_FATAMORGANA 3_ink on transcop on wood_25x44cm_1968.jpg

53.93 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.025_SHAFT 1_ink on paper_21x15cm_1964.jpg

53.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.034_THE EXHIBITIONISTS_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1965.jpg

53.59 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.135_LANDSCAPES_felt pen, chalk_46x38cm_1970.jpg

52.53 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.187_PATENT OCHSNER_sieve print_80x60cm_1972.jpg

51.82 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.039_SHAFT 3_ink on paper_30x21cm_1965.jpg

51.57 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.031_CHRISTMAS FOR A PSYCHIATRIST_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1965.jpg

51.13 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.013_FATAMORGANA 1_ink on transcop on wood_25x21cm_1968.jpg

51.11 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.568_IRENA_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1985.jpg

50.60 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.023_TILT_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1965.jpg

50.27 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.504_KOPF LITHO_1983.jpg

50.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.033_WAITING FOR GODOT 2_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1965.jpg

49.52 KB


48.77 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.150_PASSAGE_acrylic on paper_59x42cm_1971.jpg

48.73 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.405_ALIENSPAZIERSTOCK_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1978.jpg

48.66 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.558_FUTURE KILL 2_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1984.jpg

48.39 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.325b_SATAN 2_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1976.jpg

47.27 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.157_PASSAGE 10_acrylic on wood_200x140cm_1971.jpg

47.20 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.028_WAITING FOR GODOT 1_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1965.jpg

47.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.172_PASSAGE 14_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

47.01 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.238_THE SPELL 2_acrylic, ink on paper on wood_240x420cm_1974.jpg

47.00 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.026_SHAFT 2_ink on paper_21x15cm_1964.jpg

46.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.151_MOTOR LANDSCAPE_acrylic_90x70cm_1972.jpg

46.92 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.049_THE BLINDS_ink on transcop_24x21cm_1966.jpg

46.23 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.036_AT THE ABYSS_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1965.jpg

45.58 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.236_PASSAGE 33_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1973.jpg

44.23 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.134_LANDSCAPES_felt pen, chalk_46x38cm_1970.jpg

44.15 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.020_MAEDCHEN 2_ink on transcop on wood_28x21cm_1967-68.jpg

44.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.149_PASSAGE_acrylic on paper_48x30cm_1971.jpg

43.68 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.511_FOR VERA_acrylic on paper_70x50cm_1983.jpg

43.47 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.086b_FORCE MEN OUT_sieve print_65x46cm_1967.jpg

41.17 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.132_LANDSCAPES_felt pen, chalk_46x38cm_1970.jpg

40.73 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.016_IM NETZ_ink on transcop on wood_25-21cm_1967-68.jpg

40.44 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.019_MAEDCHEN 1_ink on transcop on wood_28x21cm_1967-68.jpg

39.74 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.514_FOR JUDITH_acrylic on paper_40x40cm_1979.jpg

39.24 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.228_LANDSCAPE 23_acrylic on paper on wood_21x30cm_1973.jpg

39.12 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.122_WC_oil on paper on wood_49x31cm_1970.jpg

39.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.200_LANDSCAPE 8_acrylic on paper on wood_89x158cm_1972.jpg

38.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.419b_EROTOMECHANICS 4_acrylic_70x100cm_1979.jpg

38.49 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.097_PLAKAT FUER FLOH DE COLOGNE_offset print_1968.jpg

37.79 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.174_PASSAGE 18_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

37.35 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.032_AT THE DOCTOR'S_ink on transcop_30x21cm_1965.jpg

37.18 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.079b_ALPHA 2_ink on transcop on paper on wood_120x105cm_1967.jpg

35.99 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.173_PASSAGE 17_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

35.98 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.357_PLAKAT FUER GLARUS (MIT C.SANDOZ)_acrylic on paper_52x38cm_1978.jpg

35.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.183_PASSAGE 23_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

33.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.521_BIOMECHANOID 2_acrylic on paper on wood_100x70cm_1975-83.jpg

33.11 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.064_CTHULHU 2_ink on transcop on paper on wood_80x63cm_1966.jpg

32.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.037_VERGEWALTIGUNG_ink on transcop on paper on wood_30x21cm_1965.jpg

32.25 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.175_PASSAGE 19_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

31.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.189_SUPER STAR_ink on paper on wood_240x280cm_1972.jpg

31.59 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.133_LANDSCAPES_felt pen, chalk_46x38cm_1970.jpg

31.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.139_BIOMECHANOID 70_four-color sieve print_100x70cm_1970.jpg

30.84 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.330_TEUFLISCHER DISKURS_acrylic on paper_70x79cm_1976.jpg

29.71 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.589_JAPANESE EXCURSION 4_acrylic on paper on wood_140x100cm_1996.jpg

29.57 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.131_DRAWING_felt pen, chalk_34x38cm_1970.jpg

28.37 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.273_LANDSCAPE 31_acrylic on paper on wood_100x140cm_1975.jpg

28.31 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.201_ORGANIC-MECANIC_acrylic on photo on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

27.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.086a_FORCE MEN OUT_ink on paper_54x46cm_1967.jpg

26.71 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.148_PASSAGE 71_four-color sieve print_90x70cm_1971.jpg

25.49 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.204_LANDSCAPE 11_acrylic on paper on wood_70x100cm_1972.jpg

25.44 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.012_FATAMORGANA 2_ink on transcop on wood_25x21cm_1968.jpg

25.11 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.145_PASSAGE 9_oil on wood_110x70cm_1971.jpg

24.97 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.056_UNDERGROUND_ink on paper_42x60cm_1966.jpg

24.84 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.022_MUTANTEN_ink on transcop on wood_110x140cm_1967-68.jpg

24.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.596_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_42x29cm_1987.jpg

24.09 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.436_RASTERBILD 2_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1980.jpg

24.06 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.130_DRAWING_felt pen, chalk_34x38cm_1970.jpg

23.90 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.059_HEAD 2_ink on transcop on paper on wood_42x60cm_1966-68.jpg

23.79 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.176_PASSAGE 20_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1972.jpg

23.53 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.073_PORTRAIT URBAN GWERDER_ink on paper_44x46cm_1967.jpg

22.45 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.309_KUNSTEI_detail 2_acrylic on pvc_1976.jpg

22.05 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.509_ALIENKOEPFE_acrylic on paper_100x70cm_1983.jpg

22.03 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.234_PASSAGE 31_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1973.jpg

21.74 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.498_THE TOURIST 10 - SLOAN TRANSFORMING INTO LITTLE ALIENS_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1982.jpg

20.48 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.116_PASSAGE 4_oil on wood_100x80cm_1969.jpg

20.38 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.188_PASSAGE 15_acrylic on wood_200x140cm_1972.jpg

20.03 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.194_LANDSCAPE 4_acrylic on carton_70x100cm_1972.jpg

19.62 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.124_BATHTUB 1_oil on paper on wood_34x48cm_1970.jpg

19.55 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.479b_GIGER'S DREAM QUEST 4_acrylic on photo_45x35cm_1981.jpg

19.43 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.223_PASSAGE 26b_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1973.jpg

18.12 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.477b_GIGER'S DREAM QUEST 2_acrylic on photo_45x35cm_1981.jpg

18.01 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.021_MAEDCHEN 3_ink on transcop on wood_28x21cm_1967-68.jpg

17.70 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.309_KUNSTEI_detail 1_acrylic on pvc_1976.jpg

17.70 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.476b_GIGER'S DREAM QUEST 1_acrylic on photo_45x35cm_1981.jpg

17.38 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.197b_11 STATION_1972.jpg

17.37 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.478b_GIGER'S DREAM QUEST 3_acrylic on photo_45x35cm_1981.jpg

17.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.309_KUNSTEI_detail 3_acrylic on pvc_1976.jpg

17.00 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.233_PASSAGE 30_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1973.jpg

16.31 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.185_PASSAGE 25_acrylic on wood_200x140cm_1972.jpg

16.30 KB


16.15 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.158_PASSAGE 11_acrylic on wood_200x140cm_1971.jpg

15.91 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.563r_LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_48x34cm_1985.jpg

15.76 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.198b_12 STATION_1972.jpg

15.34 KB


15.34 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.486_KIM 2_acrylic on paper_1981.jpg

14.72 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.119_PASSAGE 7_oil on wood_100x80cm_1970.jpg

14.66 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.193_LANDSCAPE 3_acrylic on carton_70x100cm_1972.jpg

14.65 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.231_LANDSCAPE 26_acrylic on paper on wood_21x30cm_1973.jpg

13.89 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.229_LANDSCAPE 24_acrylic on paper on wood_21x30cm_1973.jpg

13.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.159_PASSAGE 12_acrylic on wood_200x140cm_1971.jpg

13.56 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.309_KUNSTEI_acrylic on pvc_1976.jpg

13.19 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.222_PASSAGE 25b_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1973.jpg

13.00 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.227_LANDSCAPE 22_acrylic on paper on wood_21x30cm_1973.jpg

12.75 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.018_UEBER DER ERDE_ink on transcop on paper on wood_10x21cm_1967-68.jpg

12.44 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.148d_PASSAGE 71_sieve print_90x70cm_1971.jpg

12.05 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.148b_PASSAGE 71_sieve print_90x70cm_1971.jpg

11.61 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.429_H.R.GIGER LOGO_acrylic on paper_70x270cm_1979.jpg

11.35 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.230_LANDSCAPE 25_acrylic on paper on wood_21x30cm_1973.jpg

11.29 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.148a_PASSAGE 71_sieve print_90x70cm_1971.jpg

11.00 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.226_LANDSCAPE 21_acrylic on paper on wood_21x30cm_1973.jpg

10.60 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.225_PASSAGE 28_acrylic on carton on wood_100x70cm_1973.jpg

10.47 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.439_BIOMECHANICAL LANDSCAPE_acrylic on paper_70x100cm_1980.jpg

9.92 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.148c_PASSAGE 71_sieve print_90x70cm_1971.jpg

8.39 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.585_THE SAXOPHONIST_acrylic on paper on wood_210x140cm_1986-94.jpg

8.27 KB

  H.R.Giger_No.345_TRAGBARE FUER THE SECOND CELEBRATION OF THE FOUR_acrylic on wood_1976.jpg

7.13 KB



   H.R.Giger_1990-91_CHAIR_polyester, aluminium_85x54x56cm_(No.700b).jpg

85.61 KB

   H.R.Giger_1990-91_TABLE (ALIEN HEAD)_(No.702).jpg

79.99 KB

   H.R.Giger_1991_DOOR AT GIGER BAR, CHUR_polyester_250x75x39cm.jpg

61.56 KB

   H.R.Giger_1981_HARKONNEN CHAIR_polyester, metal, rubber_180x100x65cm_(No.443).jpg

55.90 KB

   H.R.Giger_1983_MIRROR, TRIANGULAR_polyester, glass_140x123x7cm_(No.450b).jpg

49.39 KB

   H.R.Giger_1991_CHAIR_polyester, aluminium_126x60x53cm.jpg

42.89 KB

   H.R.Giger_1982-83_SCHRANK_polyester, glass_180x100x65cm_(No.447b).jpg

42.14 KB

   H.R.Giger_1983_MIRROR, OVAL_polyester, glass_190x110cm_(No.450d).jpg

35.12 KB

   H.R.Giger_1996_HARKONNEN CHAIR_polyester, rubber_135x100x65cm_(No.443d).jpg

34.15 KB

   H.R.Giger_1982_BIOMECHANICAL MATRIX FLOORPLATE_cast aluminium_93.5x73.5cm_(No.703b).jpg

32.36 KB

   H.R.Giger_1983_CHRIST TABLE_aluminium, plexiglass_height 105cm, diameter 105cm.jpg

31.39 KB

   H.R.Giger_1993_HARKONNEN CAPO CHAIR_aluminium, metal, rubber_180x100x65cm_(No.443b).jpg

24.42 KB

   H.R.Giger_1992_LAMP_polyester, metal, glass_40x61x40cm_(No.450e).jpg

24.13 KB

   H.R.Giger_1990-91_CHAIR (back)_polyester, aluminium_85x54x56cm_(No.700b).jpg

23.36 KB

   H.R.Giger_1990-91_DESK (large)_metal, glass_80x105x73cm.jpg

22.72 KB


   Giger_2_BIOMECHANOID PENDANT_sterling silver_4cm toe to toe.jpg

65.06 KB

   Giger_1_EMBLEM FOR A SECRET SOCIETY BELT BUCKLE_sterling silver_7.5cm width.jpg

61.28 KB

   Giger__Jewelry Montage.jpg

57.79 KB

   Giger_BAPHOMET BROOCH_sterling silver_8.3cm tip to tip.jpg

47.97 KB

   Giger_3_LOVERS PENDANT_sterling silver_5cm toe to toe.jpg

47.36 KB

   Giger_4_EMBLEM FOR A SECRET SOCIETY PENDANT_sterling silver_3.8cm width.jpg

43.66 KB


24.22 KB

   Giger_BAPHOMET 77, BELT BUCKLE_1977.jpg

23.95 KB

   Giger_6_E.L.P. LIP RING_sterling silver_1.5cm height.jpg

18.21 KB

   Giger_5_BIOMECHANOID RING_sterling silver_4cm toe to toe.jpg

18.11 KB

   Giger_PIN_Mystery Of San Gottardo Pin_hard enamel_3x4.5x0.2cm_1993.jpg

10.14 KB

   Giger_PIN_Internet Pin_metal_1997.jpg

8.34 KB

   Giger_PIN_Watchman Pin_hard enamel_1997_(No.WA13).jpg

6.01 KB


875.45 KB


803.11 KB


749.94 KB


478.79 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_WATCHGUARDIAN HEAD 5_iron, aluminium_221x50x50cm_(No.WA68).jpg

246.53 KB

  H.R.Giger_1967_SUITCASE BABY_black polyester_(No.077b).jpg

233.93 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_MASK 2_rubber, colored polyester_35x32x19cm_(No.WA65).jpg

211.66 KB

  H.R.Giger_1994_SKULL WHARF_bronze colored_60x50x50cm_(No.WA71).jpg

188.27 KB


183.32 KB

  H.R.Giger_1995_ZODIAC SIGN PISCES_cast silver_115x70x65cm.jpg

165.14 KB

  H.R.Giger_1969_BIOMECHANOID_polyester, metal, wood_102x120x52cm_(No.106)_.jpg

158.53 KB

  H.R.Giger_1994_FEMALE TORSO_aluminium, bronze colored_104x44x35cm_(No.WA72).jpg

157.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_1998_BIRTH-MACHINE BABY__bronze_53x20x20cm.jpg

148.78 KB


122.96 KB


103.46 KB

  H.R.Giger_1967_SUITCASE BABY_gold-plated bronze_(No.077b).jpg

95.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_THE SPELL 1_painted version (detail).jpg

93.17 KB

  H.R.Giger_1978_PUNKBRILLE (MIT R.CHRISTOPH)_pvc, chome_(No.362).jpg

90.53 KB

  H.R.Giger_1990_ALIEN 3 MODEL.jpg

86.77 KB

  H.R.Giger_THE SPELL 1_german nickel plated version_.jpg

72.90 KB

  H.R.Giger_1995_ZODIAC SIGN VIRGO_cast alumunium_80x80x40cm.jpg

70.64 KB

  H.R.Giger_1967_BLOOD GLASS (HEIM-KILLER)_(No.078).jpg

66.58 KB

  H.R.Giger_1968_AMERICA_polyester, pvc_85x75x20cm_(No.090).jpg

61.84 KB

  H.R.Giger_1965-91_TORSO WITH LONG SKULL SHAPE_polyester_57x17x17cm_(No.051).jpg

59.66 KB

  H.R.Giger_1994_MUSHROOM BABIES_mushrooms on balinese woodcut_70x100x70cm.jpg

59.48 KB

  H.R.Giger_1967_THE BEGGAR_bronze_(No.076).jpg

58.89 KB

  H.R.Giger_1999_BIRTH-MACHINE_aluminium_2m high.jpg

55.93 KB


52.34 KB

  H.R.Giger_1965_FEMALE HEAD_black polyester_1965_(No.052).jpg

51.02 KB

  H.R.Giger_2004_TATOO BIOMECHANOID SCULPTURE_(left) brass (right) black resin, with sterling silver miniature tatoo machine_17x13x13cm.jpg

49.93 KB

  H.R.Giger_2002_BIOMECHANOID 2002_cast aluminium_175x50x60cm.jpg

49.92 KB

  H.R.Giger_1966-67_LIFE SUPPORT_object, polyester, wood_150x155x15cm_(No.089).jpg

46.59 KB


45.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_1967_SUITCASE BABY__polyester_20x50x75cm_(No.077).jpg

44.19 KB

  H.R.Giger_1995_SPECIES BEHIND THE SCENES_object with 49 cases, metal, polyester, beracrylic, silicon, rubber, gelatin, wax, plexiglas, color, cibatol_187x131.5x32cm.jpg

41.65 KB

  H.R.Giger_2002_GUARDIAN ANGEL_rusty iron laminated (side).jpg

41.42 KB

  H.R.Giger_THE SPELL 1_german nickel plated version.jpg

39.34 KB

  H.R.Giger_1966_KLEINER KOPF_bronze_(No.053b).jpg

36.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_1998_BIRTH-MACHINE BABY_bronze.jpg

35.74 KB

  H.R.Giger_ALIEN HEAD_bronze (side).jpg

35.11 KB


34.26 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_WATCHGUARDIAN HEAD 5_(No.WA68).jpg

34.14 KB

  H.R.Giger_1969_BIOMECHANOID_polyester, metal, wood_102x120x52cm_(No.106).jpg

33.52 KB

  H.R.Giger_1995_ZODIAC SIGN CAPRICORN_cast silver_80x80x60cm.jpg

33.08 KB

  H.R.Giger_1965_MASK_black polyester_(No.050).jpg

32.96 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_WATCHGUARDIAN HEAD 5_cast aluminium, polyester and metal_50x50x50cm_(No.WA68).jpg

32.71 KB

  H.R.Giger_2002_GUARDIAN ANGEL_aluminium (front)_45x36x22cm.jpg

31.74 KB

  H.R.Giger_2002_GUARDIAN ANGEL_aluminium (side).jpg

31.25 KB


30.22 KB

  H.R.Giger_ALIEN HEAD_bronze.jpg

29.70 KB

  H.R.Giger_WOMAN HEAD.jpg

29.63 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_WATCHGUARDIAN HEAD 4_cast bronze, polyester and metal_50x50x50cm_(No.WA67).jpg

29.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_WINTER CROSSWATCH_cast aluminium_64x20x14cm_(No.WA48).jpg

28.40 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_CROSSWATCH EASTER EGGS_bronze and cast aluminium_8x10x6cm_(No.WA30).jpg

28.04 KB

  H.R.Giger_1965_FEMALE HEAD_bronze_(No.052b).jpg

27.91 KB

  H.R.Giger_1999_BIRTH-MACHINE_detail 2.jpg

27.79 KB

  H.R.Giger_1996_ZODIAC SIGN TAURUS_cast silver_90x80x76cm.jpg

27.59 KB

  H.R.Giger_1999_BIRTH-MACHINE_detail 1.jpg

27.51 KB

  H.R.Giger_2002_GUARDIAN ANGEL_rusty iron laminated (front)_45x36x22cm.jpg

27.04 KB

  H.R.Giger_1967_THE BEGGAR__polyester_58x58x75cm_(No.076).jpg

26.74 KB


26.28 KB

  H.R.Giger_1966_KLEINER KOPF_black polyester_30x12x21cm_(No.053).jpg

26.25 KB


25.56 KB

  H.R.Giger_1999_BIRTH-MACHINE_detail 3.jpg

25.00 KB

  H.R.Giger_1995_ZODIAC SIGN SCORPIO_cast silver_90x80x76cm.jpg

24.48 KB

  H.R.Giger_ALIEN HEAD_bronze (front).jpg

24.36 KB

  H.R.Giger_1998_BIRTH-MACHINE BABY-TWINS_(left) aluminium, (right) bronze.jpg

23.79 KB


23.56 KB

  H.R.Giger_1965-91_TORSO_for giger bar in chur_height 200cm_(No.051).jpg

23.50 KB

  H.R.Giger_THE SPELL 1_initial pre-production version.jpg

22.00 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_SUMMER CROSSWATCH_cast aluminium_60x19x19cm_(No.WA47).jpg

21.88 KB


21.57 KB


20.73 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_DESSIGN FOR CHAMPAGNE REIMS_glass and rubber_34.5x17x10.5cm_(No.WA75).jpg

20.67 KB


18.85 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_LAMP_colored polyester, rubber_80x40x20cm_(No.WA73a).jpg

18.78 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_(left) THE SPELL MAXIWATCH (right) RUSTY MAXIWATCH_polyester, plexiglass, metal and wood_219x36x15cm.jpg

17.41 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_MEMENTO MORI, BONES WITH CROSSWATCH_bones, aluminium_30x35x5cm_(No.WA74).jpg

17.01 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_WATCHCUBES_cast aluminium_5x5x5cm_(No.WA62).jpg

16.84 KB

  H.R.Giger_2000_KORN MICROPHONE STAND_cast aluminium_160x15x40cm.jpg

16.42 KB

  H.R.Giger_1994_MONDAINE-WATCH, N.Y.CITY 2_plastic, metal, watch_41x30x4cm_(No.WA79).jpg

14.18 KB

  H.R.Giger_1995_TORSO (for zodiac fountain)_aluminium_156x50x50cm.jpg

13.21 KB

  H.R.Giger_1975_PAINTED HEAD.jpg

11.67 KB

  H.R.Giger_1993_ALIEN 3 - BAMBI ALIEN_aluminium_34x20x10cm.jpg

5.86 KB


  Album Covers

   1969_Walpurgis (Back And Front Cover).jpg

19.63 KB

   1975_J.J.Wittmer - Necronomicon H.R.G..jpg

12.65 KB

   1980_Oser, Weber, Burder - Johanni Wants Three Dead.jpg

11.99 KB

   1992_Danzig III - How The Gods Kill.jpg

11.40 KB

   1987_Pankow - Freedom For The Slaves.jpg

11.26 KB

   1978_Magma - Attahk.jpg

10.82 KB

   1991_Sacrosanct - Recesses For The Depraved.jpg

10.49 KB

   1989_Steve Stevens - Atomic Playboys.jpg

10.35 KB

   1974_Floh De Cologne - Mummies.jpg

10.01 KB

   1981_Debbie Harry - The Jam Was Moving.jpg

9.52 KB

   1977_Island - Pictures.jpg

9.43 KB

   1981b_Debbie Harry - Koo Koo (Inside Cover).jpg

9.35 KB

   1973a_Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery.jpg

9.31 KB

   1981a_Debbie Harry - Koo Koo.jpg

9.13 KB

   1985_Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion.jpg

9.00 KB

   1993_Carcass - Heartwork.jpg

8.14 KB

   1990_Atrocity - Hallucinations.jpg

7.85 KB

   1973b_Emeson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery (Inside Cover).jpg

6.97 KB


   Giger___www H.R.Giger com (Back Cover Detail).jpg

338.37 KB

   1996_WWW H.R.GIGER COM_Taschen_239 pages_30.5x25cm.jpg

319.66 KB

   Giger__Necronomicon (First Edition).jpg

315.52 KB

   Giger__Necronomicon 2 (First Edition).jpg

239.66 KB

   Giger___Giger's Alien (Back Cover Detail).jpg

197.76 KB

   1991_H.R.GIER'S NECRONOMICON_Morpheus_79 pages_43x30.5cm.gif

179.08 KB

   Giger_CALENDAR 2000.JPG

121.42 KB

   1998_THE MYSTERY OF SAN GOTTARDO_Taschen_115 pages_30.5x29cm.jpg

83.09 KB

   1992_GIGER'S ALIEN_Titan Books_72 pages_30.5x30.5cm.jpg

66.90 KB

   1992_H.R.GIGER'S ARH+ (cover 2)_Taschen_96 pages_30x23cm.jpg

64.91 KB

   1996_H.R.GIGER'S FILM DESIGN_Edition C_137 pages_31x30.5cm.jpg

57.38 KB

   Giger_CALENDAR 2003.jpg

51.09 KB

   Giger_CALENDAR 2002.jpg

47.11 KB

   2002_ICONS_Taschen_190 pages_20x14.5cm.jpg

44.69 KB

   1997_BIOMANNERISM_Ram Pubs Dist_104 pages_.jpg

43.58 KB

   1992_H.R.GIGER'S ARh+ (cover 1)_Taschen_96 pages_30x23cm.jpg

39.07 KB

   Giger_CALENDAR 2005.jpg

38.20 KB

   1995_SPECIES DESIGN_Titan Books_87 pages_30x30cm.jpg

37.80 KB

   Giger_CALENDAR 2004.jpg

37.25 KB

   1993_H.R.GIGER'S WATCH ABART '93_ARh+ Publications_112 pages_22.5x15cm.gif

36.80 KB

   Giger_CALENDAR 2001.jpg

35.58 KB

   Giger_POSTCARDS_Taschen_32 pages_16.2x11.4cm.jpg

33.92 KB

   1988_H.R.GIGER'S BIOMECHANICS_Morpheus_95 pages_43x30.5cm.jpg

32.89 KB

   1992_NECRONOMICON 2_Morpheus_91 pages_43x30.5cm.jpg

32.39 KB

   1984_H.R.GIGER'S RETROSPECTIVE (1974-1984)_Morpheus_115 pages_28x21cm.jpg

31.69 KB

   Giger_CALENDAR 1998.jpg

25.62 KB

   Giger_CALENDAR 1997.jpg

24.18 KB

   Giger_PORTFOLIO_Taschen_32 pages_36.5x28.4cm.jpg

23.22 KB

   Giger__Biomechanics (First Edition).jpg

19.88 KB

   1981_H.R.GIGER'S NEW YORK CITY_Sphinx_47 pages_39.5x28cm.jpg

13.00 KB

   1971_H.R.GIGER'S ARh+_Zurcher_134 pages_25.5x21cm.jpg

11.27 KB

   1976_H.R.GIGER BEI SYDOW-ZIRKWITZ_Sydow-Zirkwitz_74 pages_24x24cm.jpg

10.72 KB

   1974_PASSAGEN_Kurnsthaus_127 pages_25.5x18.5cm.jpg

8.48 KB


   1993 - ''Giger's Watch Abart 93''_Burgdorf, Switzerland_New York City

    watch 06.jpg

56.07 KB

    watch 04.jpg

55.95 KB

    watch 01.jpg

55.25 KB

    watch 09.jpg

45.08 KB

    watch 00.jpg

34.73 KB

    watch 16.jpg

32.71 KB

    watch 15.jpg

29.21 KB

    watch 07.jpg

28.40 KB

    watch 12.jpg

28.04 KB

    watch 08.jpg

21.88 KB

    watch 10.jpg

20.67 KB

    watch 03.jpg

18.78 KB

    watch 14.jpg

17.41 KB

    watch 13.jpg

17.01 KB

    watch 11.jpg

16.84 KB

    watch 05.jpg

16.12 KB

    watch 02.jpg

13.41 KB


9.69 KB

   1996 - ''Furniture From The Giger Bar''_Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

    furnit 03.jpg

616.70 KB

    furnit 02.jpg

145.97 KB

    furnit 06.jpg

59.78 KB

    furnit 10.jpg

42.13 KB

    furnit 15.jpg

39.56 KB

    furnit 17.jpg

32.80 KB

    furnit 08.jpg

31.39 KB

    furnit 09.jpg

31.29 KB

    furnit 16.jpg

31.24 KB

    furnit 01.jpg

29.76 KB

    furnit 13.jpg

29.31 KB

    furnit 14.jpg

24.23 KB

    furnit 12.jpg

23.36 KB

    furnit 07.jpg

22.81 KB

    furnit 11.jpg

22.72 KB

    furnit 05.jpg

16.20 KB

    furnit 04.jpg

10.08 KB

   1996 - ''Visioni Di Fine Millennio''_Milan, Italy

    visioni 08.jpg

62.92 KB

    visioni 16.jpg

57.19 KB

    visioni 06.jpg

46.87 KB

    visioni 12.jpg

44.47 KB

    visioni 03.jpg

42.41 KB

    visioni 11.jpg

35.50 KB

    visioni 01.jpg

34.94 KB

    visioni 09.jpg

33.94 KB

    visioni 15.jpg

31.72 KB

    visioni 05.jpg

31.03 KB

    visioni 14.jpg

30.31 KB

    visioni 10.jpg

29.70 KB

    visioni 00.jpg

28.30 KB

    visioni 02.jpg

26.68 KB

    visioni 04.jpg

25.32 KB

    visioni 07.jpg

24.12 KB

    visioni 13.jpg

22.02 KB

   1997 - ''Projects, Drawings, Graphics and Sculptures''_Basel, Switzerland

    basel 07.jpg

52.78 KB

    basel 13.jpg

46.70 KB

    basel 06.jpg

42.51 KB

    basel 04.jpg

41.02 KB

    basel 10.jpg

39.55 KB

    basel 03.jpg

37.16 KB

    basel 01.jpg

36.84 KB

    basel 02.jpg

34.68 KB

    basel 11.jpg

34.09 KB

    basel 12.jpg

33.55 KB

    basel 14.jpg

32.56 KB

    basel 08.jpg

29.54 KB

    basel 09.jpg

28.49 KB

    basel 05.jpg

27.39 KB

   2002 - ''NYC 2002''_Fuse Gallery, New York City

    NYC 01.jpg

41.90 KB

    NYC 00.jpg

39.55 KB

    NYC 02.jpg

37.16 KB

    NYC 03.jpg

37.02 KB

    NYC 04.jpg

36.82 KB

   2003 - ''H.R.Giger Woodstock 2003''_New York City

    woodstock 00.jpg

79.85 KB

    woodstock 06.jpg

49.06 KB

    woodstock 02.jpg

48.93 KB

    woodstock 01.jpg

48.86 KB

    woodstock 11.jpg

46.02 KB

    woodstock 09.jpg

44.50 KB

    woodstock 04.jpg

43.89 KB

    woodstock 05.jpg

43.66 KB

    woodstock 14.jpg

42.40 KB

    woodstock 07.jpg

41.72 KB

    woodstock 08.jpg

40.23 KB

    woodstock 03.jpg

36.46 KB

    woodstock 10.jpg

34.53 KB

    woodstock 15.jpg

31.91 KB

    woodstock 19.jpg

28.30 KB

    woodstock 13.jpg

27.58 KB

    woodstock 12.jpg

25.17 KB

    woodstock 17.jpg

24.60 KB

    woodstock 16.jpg

21.67 KB

    woodstock 18.jpg

19.65 KB

  H.R.Giger Bars

   Chur - Switzerland


85.88 KB


61.39 KB


59.68 KB


44.81 KB


38.68 KB


37.38 KB


33.64 KB


26.71 KB


21.35 KB

   Gruyeres - Switzerland

    plan 2.jpg

85.60 KB


77.67 KB

    plan 3.jpg

69.93 KB


66.60 KB

    plan 1.jpg

61.33 KB


60.29 KB


60.07 KB


57.67 KB


53.25 KB


52.90 KB


49.15 KB


45.24 KB


42.80 KB


42.32 KB


41.99 KB


41.70 KB


41.25 KB


38.57 KB


35.80 KB


33.52 KB


33.27 KB


32.77 KB


31.63 KB


31.39 KB


24.80 KB

   New York City - USA


34.33 KB


25.75 KB


25.72 KB


22.38 KB


22.26 KB


21.83 KB


21.04 KB


20.99 KB


19.88 KB


19.87 KB


19.75 KB


18.73 KB


17.76 KB


17.26 KB


15.90 KB


15.19 KB


11.51 KB

   Tokyo - Japan


147.60 KB


73.20 KB


73.01 KB


62.15 KB


61.76 KB


59.03 KB


50.20 KB


41.96 KB


40.30 KB


31.99 KB


30.56 KB


19.95 KB


18.86 KB


   Poster_Anima Mia.jpg

105.41 KB

   Poster_National Park.JPG

92.06 KB


87.19 KB

   Poster_Li 2.JPG

84.33 KB

   Poster_The Magician.jpg

59.43 KB

   Poster_Biomechanical Landscape.jpg

58.58 KB

   Poster_Necronom 1.jpg

57.58 KB


54.24 KB

   Poster_Spell 1.jpg

42.05 KB

   Poster_The Way Of The Magician.jpg

38.99 KB

   Poster_Trumpets Of Jericho.jpg

38.69 KB


37.95 KB

   Poster_Giger's Alien.jpg

37.13 KB

   Poster_The Magus.jpg

29.75 KB

   Poster_Giger's Necronomicon.jpg

29.70 KB

   Poster_Necronom 4.jpg

25.91 KB

   Poster_Biomechanical Landscape 2.jpg

23.50 KB

   Poster_Alien Exhibition.jpg

22.49 KB

   Poster_Biomechanoid 75.jpg

20.85 KB

   Poster_Li 2 (3-D).jpg

18.69 KB

   Poster_Doppeltorso Mit Haken.jpg

18.43 KB

   Poster_Landscape 19.jpg

13.97 KB

  Tarot Of The Underworld (1993)


272.52 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -00- Der Narr.jpg

199.22 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -14- Die Alchemie.jpg

152.54 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -09- Der Eremit.jpg

148.99 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -16- Der Turm.jpg

143.39 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -18- Der Mond.jpg

142.87 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -06- Die Liebenden .jpg

139.58 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -01- Der Magier.jpg

133.14 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -17- Der Stern.jpg

130.74 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -02- Die Hohepriesterin.jpg

127.81 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -20- Das Gericht.jpg

125.41 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -10- Das Schicksalsrad.jpg

124.75 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -03- Die Herrscherin.jpg

123.55 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -07- Der Wagen .jpg

123.30 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -08- Die Kraft.jpg

119.02 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -21- Das Universum.jpg

117.75 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -05- Der Hohepriester.jpg

117.64 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -12- Die Gehaengte.jpg

115.51 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -15- Der Teufel.jpg

112.23 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -04- Die Herrscher.jpg

109.49 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -13- Der Tod.jpg

108.54 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -11- Die Gerechtigkeit.jpg

107.84 KB

   H.R.Giger_Tarot -19- Die Sonne.jpg

97.42 KB

   _H.R.Giger_Tarot_Back Cover.jpg

25.69 KB

   _H.R.Giger_Tarot (Akron, 16.0x10.5cm, 1993)_Front Cover.jpg

17.04 KB

  Third Dimension (3-D)


386.02 KB

   giger_3D_Trumpets of Jericho.jpg

381.91 KB

   giger_3D_New York City 6.jpg

364.40 KB


352.12 KB

   giger_3D_Anima mia.jpg

337.25 KB


325.97 KB

   giger_3D_Li 2.jpg

321.25 KB


310.29 KB

   giger_3D_New York City 11.jpg

282.56 KB


271.23 KB

   giger_3D_Necronom 4.jpg

168.51 KB

  xtra 1_more stuff


244.90 KB


209.14 KB


179.48 KB


173.63 KB


153.51 KB


152.38 KB


150.79 KB


147.82 KB


144.75 KB


144.42 KB

   giger figure 2.jpg

140.55 KB


127.85 KB


124.32 KB

   poster_man-machine-genetics exhibitioin_laser print_120x90cm.jpg

111.54 KB

   giger figure 1.jpg

101.23 KB

   alien head.jpg

81.68 KB

   watch 2a.JPG

61.71 KB

   poster_li with suitcase baby_51.5x41cm_1971.jpg

54.39 KB

   Hide Your Face02.jpg

49.97 KB

   watch 1b.JPG

48.48 KB


46.95 KB

   watch 2b.JPG

46.07 KB

   watch 1a.JPG

44.49 KB


42.75 KB


35.38 KB


32.37 KB

   Hide Your Face01.jpg

32.24 KB


27.56 KB


26.49 KB


25.73 KB


22.97 KB


20.28 KB


20.24 KB

   alien photo.jpg

13.18 KB

   poster_darkseed video gamer_100x70cm_1995.jpg

9.26 KB

  xtra 2_Giger photgraphs


236.92 KB


108.67 KB


92.15 KB


59.35 KB


55.32 KB


49.72 KB


49.13 KB


47.11 KB


42.08 KB


39.17 KB


37.50 KB


36.88 KB


33.27 KB


28.89 KB


25.34 KB


22.43 KB


21.67 KB


17.64 KB


17.13 KB


16.49 KB


9.37 KB

 H.R. Giger's Necronomicon - Edition C (Zürich)


2.66 MB


2.57 MB


1.79 MB


1.63 MB


1.62 MB


1.51 MB


1.46 MB


1.22 MB


1.16 MB


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1.08 MB


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916.67 KB


912.01 KB


905.87 KB


900.01 KB


898.71 KB


891.83 KB


891.62 KB


891.08 KB


877.75 KB


867.21 KB


865.37 KB


864.30 KB


858.49 KB


858.13 KB


857.27 KB


855.10 KB


844.99 KB


842.45 KB


835.89 KB


829.17 KB


828.55 KB


821.65 KB


819.75 KB


814.08 KB


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813.70 KB


813.47 KB


812.69 KB


810.88 KB


810.78 KB


805.33 KB


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799.82 KB


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790.50 KB


789.82 KB


784.40 KB


779.06 KB


776.49 KB


774.78 KB


758.84 KB


738.68 KB


734.92 KB


724.43 KB


697.05 KB


696.32 KB


680.33 KB


673.70 KB


654.77 KB


647.76 KB


647.35 KB


522.19 KB


481.25 KB


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  H.R. Giger's Necronomicon - Edition C (Zürich)_77.csv

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[aligner=centre][taille=24][couleur=chartreuse]Pack d'images de Hans Rudy Giger[/couleur][/taille]
Pack d'images de H R  Giger ( Net) preview 5

Pack d'images de H R  Giger ( Net) preview 0
Giger est né le 5 février 1940 à Chur.Il habite dans
un appartement au dessus de la pharmacie de son père.
Son père était très sévère mais Giger était le préféré
de sa mère.Toute la maison était sa place de jeux,tout
particulièrement le couloir qui menait dans la cour arrière
dans lequel il construisit un train fantôme ce qui effrayait
ses camarades de jeux et de classe.Ses occupations allaient
surtout de la pâte à modeler au dessin.
A partir de 1953, Giger fait deux ans de Gymnase Cantonal
et deux ans de Technikum.Son père voulait qu'il devienne
pharmacien et qu'il reprenne sa pharmacie mais Hans Rudi
ne manifeste aucun intérêt pour cela.À l'université,il
echoue à ses examens; il ne sera pas pharmacien.En 1962,
il entre dans une école de commerce en design intérieur et
industriel mais ses professeurs sont décevants et démotivants.

Hans Rudi Giger sera donc artiste,de tout façon depuis sa
plus jeune enfance il est passionné par la création
fantastique et surréaliste,influencé par les oeuvres de
Salvador Dali,Jérôme Bosch ou Jean Cocteau.La plus grande
partie de son travail est effectuée à l'aérographe et au
pochoir offrant ainsi un grand réalisme à ses tableaux.
Pack d'images de H R  Giger ( Net) preview 1
Giger est le fondateur du concept de la biomécanique,le
mariage harmonieux du vivant et du mécanique.Son univers
extrèmement noir,menaçant et dérangeant est peuplé de
structures architecurales org aniques; les machines ont
toutes quelque chose d'organique et les êtres qu'il
représente ont tous quelque chose de mécanique.Une fusion
entre l'Homme et la machine,la créature et la technique.
Il créer des dessins et sculptures cauchemardesques et
fantasmagoriques et signe des "oeuvres mutantes" à la
frontière de deux mondes.A noter que la plupart de ses
créations sont profondément marquées par le sexe,la mort,
Pack d'images de H R  Giger ( Net) preview 2
Cependant, Giger ne se limite pas à la peinture,il a aussi
produit de nombreuses sculptures,du mobilier ou encore des
installations dont le train fantôme.Ses oeuvres ont été
maintes et maintes fois reprises,immitées (mais jamais
egalées!).Connaissant une renommée croissante,il participe
à certains projets cinématographiques d'envergure, tels
un projet d'adaptation de Dune (finalement abandonné),et la
saga Alien,pour laquelle il crée et supervise le design
d'une créature désormais entrée dans la légende du septième
art (exception faite d'Alien,la résurrection pour lequel
Jean-Pierre Jeunet ne fera pas appel à lui). Il obtiendra
même l'Oscar des meilleurs effets spéciaux en 1980.
Pack d'images de H R  Giger ( Net) preview 3
Aujourd'hui, H.R Giger est considéré comme un monument
vivant du monde fantastique futuriste et il possède de
nombreux fans de part le monde.Il a ouvert son musée en
1998 à Gruyère et vit à Zurich.
Pack d'images de H R  Giger ( Net) preview 4
[couleur=limegreen]Format:[/couleur] .jpg
[couleur=limegreen]Taille images:[/couleur] variable
[couleur=limegreen]Qualite images:[/couleur] pas trouve mieux
[couleur=limegreen]Nombre d'images:[/couleur] 1300
[couleur=red]Merci aux scanneurs et retoucheurs[/couleur][/taille][/aligner]

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