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Beavis & Butthead Famous Quotations

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Beavis & Butthead Famous Quotations

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Name:Beavis & Butthead Famous Quotations

Total Size: 18.07 MB

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Leechers: 2

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Torrent added: 2009-10-17 12:16:35

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beavis and butthead - nose bleed.wav (Size: 17.99 MB) (Files: 686)

 beavis and butthead - nose bleed.wav

629.46 KB


399.45 KB


351.92 KB

 bow ba bow ba ba ba ba bow bow bow bow bow wow.wav

345.36 KB


332.82 KB

 grim reaper.wav

313.68 KB


293.77 KB

 make my weiner longer.wav

263.63 KB


223.68 KB

 whoa that was cool it really does happen.wav

221.74 KB

 whoa you bagged a jumbo jet.wav

160.61 KB

 damnit damnit sonofabitch1.wav

138.16 KB

 how did that happen.wav

135.90 KB

 hey butthead what are these things i dont know.wav

134.34 KB

 paradise city.wav

131.80 KB

 playin with myself.wav

129.29 KB

 what the hell is this crap.wav

125.05 KB

 the mother of all wars has begun the streets will flow with the blood of the nonbelievers.wav

122.53 KB

 masterpainting is cool.wav

122.24 KB

 yeah yeah yeah check this out.wav

118.17 KB

 you are going to get that chick across from you you will see her thingies its going to be cool.wav

112.94 KB

 nachoooo good one beavis.wav

109.40 KB


104.49 KB

 you asswipe i was about to have a wet dream.wav

104.30 KB

 worship satan shutup butthead.wav

99.29 KB

 help help asswipe save us or something.wav

94.19 KB

 i am cornholio my bunghole will speak now.wav

86.83 KB

 you can take me but you cannot take my bunghole i am the great cornholio.wav

84.71 KB

 were stranded on our own island.wav

84.28 KB

 hey beavis what he said mother.wav

82.97 KB

 old mcdonald.wav

76.92 KB

 why'd you make me do that.wav

76.53 KB

 shut up butthead you cant rock or rhyme no but i can kick your ass.wav

75.29 KB

 shove it in butthead no way you shove it in.wav

74.79 KB

 fuck you beavis.wav

72.40 KB


72.13 KB


71.50 KB


68.73 KB

 beavis i have seen the top of the mountain and it is good.wav

68.57 KB

 we were doing this before you came in you interrupted us.wav

67.21 KB

 fast rap.wav

66.95 KB

 boy i tell you beavis youre a stupid sonofabitch.wav

66.13 KB


65.43 KB

 it doesnt just suck butthead it really sucks were never gonna score.wav

60.94 KB


59.43 KB

 you are a bunghole and so am i there will be more bungholes after me.wav

59.29 KB

 theres only one thing that can soothe my savage beast and it isnt poetry.wav

55.60 KB

 die you sonofabitch.WAV

55.21 KB

 hey beavis check it out improved performance.wav

55.19 KB

 just what in the hell do you think youre doing.wav

54.94 KB

 i have to go to the bathroom or something.wav

53.98 KB

 this sucks why do we have to go back to 8th grade to get to college.wav

53.74 KB

 no problem dude do you want cash or should we spank the monkey again.wav

53.42 KB


53.42 KB

 it really does happen.WAV

53.26 KB

 hey butthead you got ant candy.wav

51.98 KB

 attention we are looking for the chick with big boobs.wav

51.90 KB


51.59 KB


51.44 KB

 butthole, why'd you make me do that.wav

51.01 KB

 this is dumb.wav

50.77 KB

 does this mean that beavis will have to shave his butt.wav

50.69 KB

 theres only one thing that can soothe my savage beast.wav

50.68 KB

 crash yes yes.wav

50.46 KB

 if you pour salt on a snail a lot of scientific stuff happens.wav

49.76 KB

 whoa that was cool.wav

49.17 KB

 shutup beavis i was explaining something.wav

49.04 KB

 beavis is not dogfood hes wormfood.wav

48.69 KB


48.57 KB

 are you ready to rumble.wav

48.13 KB

 were there dude2.wav

46.58 KB

 i am unable to assist you dumbass.wav

46.51 KB

 prunes suck and they look like turds.wav

46.40 KB

 this is hard.wav

45.38 KB

 it must suck working in a place where all the customers suck.wav

44.94 KB

 dont touch me asswipe ill wound your inner child.wav

44.90 KB

 you will not get away with these foul crimes.wav

44.24 KB

 nachos free cool.wav

44.12 KB

 youre a stupid sonofabitch.wav

43.38 KB

 what do i do now.wav

43.11 KB

 getting kicked in the nads by a cow sucks.wav

43.08 KB

 does she have big hooters.wav

42.67 KB

 breakin the law.wav

42.14 KB

 chill beavis dumbass.wav

41.67 KB

 this is the coolest thing i have ever seen.wav

41.47 KB

 i detect masturbatory overtones.WAV

41.32 KB

 no no dont stop.wav

41.07 KB

 i dont want some naked dude standing next to me with his schlong swinging around.wav

41.03 KB

 you have to like start it first dumbass.wav

40.96 KB

 no fartknocker im talking about the chicks im gonna be scoring with.wav

40.87 KB

 i need agua for my bunghole.wav

40.84 KB


40.69 KB

 damnit now i have to start all over.wav

40.67 KB

 die die.WAV

39.95 KB

 when are we going to kick some ass master.wav

38.06 KB


37.18 KB


37.01 KB

 getting kicked in the nads by a cow sucks1.wav

36.69 KB

 uhhh i think you dropped something.wav

36.39 KB

 this is going to make it all worthwhile.wav

36.22 KB

 beavis feels himself shutup butthead.wav

35.98 KB

 hey beavis he said mother.WAV

35.89 KB

 come here dude you ready uhhuh.wav

35.71 KB

 dont worry well wipe.wav

35.62 KB

 da da da da da da.WAV

35.57 KB

 were kidnappers and we want some money.wav

35.41 KB

 could you pick your butt with your nose.wav

34.68 KB

 i saw her first bunghole.wav

34.44 KB

 choke your own chicken dude whats wrong with you.wav

34.41 KB

 this sucks make it go faster beavis.wav

33.91 KB

 the citys full of whores i wish our city was full of whores.wav

33.54 KB

 sit down and shut up you sonofabitch.wav

33.41 KB

 the streets will flow with the blood of the nonbelievers.wav

33.23 KB

 ill kill you die die die you sonofabitch.wav

33.08 KB

 were like closed or something.wav

33.01 KB

 oooohhhh yeah.wav

32.84 KB

 what a dork.wav

32.71 KB

 we were doing this long before you came in.WAV

32.12 KB

 shutup or ill kick your ass.wav

31.92 KB

 i just have a question is this a goddamn.wav

31.81 KB

 hey butthead i think i might throw up.wav

31.70 KB


31.60 KB

 shutup beavis oh yeah.wav

31.50 KB

 no no no stop it.wav

31.44 KB

 hello are you threatening me beavis we may have found your dad.wav

31.43 KB

 whoa that was cool1.wav

31.32 KB

 beavis youre a buttschlong.wav

31.23 KB

 playin with myself1.wav

31.13 KB


30.88 KB

 i dont want some naked dude standing with his schlong right next to me.WAV

30.75 KB

 hey beavis how do you spell choad.wav

30.63 KB

 i have to go to the bathroom or something1.wav

30.45 KB

 im gonna have to kick your ass.WAV

30.30 KB


30.14 KB

 garbage rules.wav

29.92 KB

 maybe you need to do that with 2 hands.wav

29.88 KB

 i cant seem to take my eyes off this girls butt.wav

29.88 KB

 thats pretty disgusting beavis.wav

29.75 KB

 im ready to whack some balls.wav

29.71 KB

 my people we have but one bunghole.wav

29.61 KB

 would you like to see my bunghole.wav

29.28 KB

 beavis you never score and you never will.wav

29.17 KB


28.74 KB

 dont make me shove this thing up your butt.wav

28.72 KB

 spank the monkey again.wav

28.48 KB

 no way butthead you always go first.wav

28.39 KB

 maybe you should try using manners.wav

28.32 KB

 this kicks ass.wav

28.21 KB

 youre a buttschlong1.WAV

28.19 KB

 its like breaking a tv.wav

27.95 KB

 were gonna get paid to score.wav

27.73 KB

 how come im not moving.wav

27.55 KB

 were stranded on our own island1.WAV

27.55 KB

 youre stupid beavis.wav

27.54 KB

 damn were smooth.wav

27.40 KB

 dont make me smack you.wav

27.23 KB

 we gotta shake it up first.wav

27.21 KB

 beavis youre a dork.wav

27.17 KB

 this is hard work lets take a break.wav

26.98 KB

 my liver my liver.wav

26.74 KB

 do you chicks want to get it on.wav

26.68 KB

 what a dork1.wav

26.68 KB

 hey baby wanna wrestle.wav

26.50 KB

 hey check this out for a good time call beavis mom.wav

26.47 KB

 check it out im jacking off.wav

26.41 KB

 the mother of all wars has begun.wav

26.30 KB


25.92 KB

 free nachos cool.WAV

25.85 KB

 shut up or ill kick your ass1.wav

25.77 KB

 dont make me kick your ass again1.wav

25.76 KB

 you cannot take my bunghole.WAV

25.54 KB

 lets get ready to rumble.wav

25.53 KB

 i have no bunghole bungholio.wav

25.49 KB

 were there dude1.wav

25.45 KB

 i didnt know this town had so many sluts.wav

25.42 KB

 maybe we should take turns or something.wav

25.31 KB

 suck suck suck suck suck.wav

25.25 KB

 im afraid im gonna have to kick your ass.wav

25.09 KB

 trick or treat sonofabitch.wav

25.04 KB


24.97 KB

 beavis are you trying to piss me off.wav

24.96 KB

 youre a buttschlong.wav

24.96 KB

 pretty smooth beavis1.wav

24.94 KB

 dont make me kick your ass again.wav

24.80 KB

 these nachos rule.wav

24.74 KB

 she touched my butt.wav

24.58 KB

 do not make my bunghole angry.wav

24.55 KB

 i am cornholio king of bungholio.wav

24.50 KB

 what the hell is this crap1.wav

24.40 KB

 sorry about that.wav

24.37 KB

 i am the great cornholio.wav

24.10 KB

 take it easy beavis.wav

24.00 KB

 toilets rule.wav

23.90 KB

 i hate milk milk sucks.wav

23.80 KB

 youre sad dude.wav

23.74 KB

 shutup or ill kick your ass1.wav

23.55 KB

 master painting is cool.wav

23.43 KB

 my bunghole will speak now.wav

23.38 KB

 i didnt know turds could be shaped like that.wav

23.28 KB

 we came to see naked girls.wav

23.28 KB

 that was not cool.wav

23.26 KB

 beavis you like suck.wav

23.19 KB

 time to get back to the real world.wav

23.18 KB

 beavis you gotta get a whiff of this.wav

23.17 KB

 do you want cash or should we just go spank the monkey again.wav

23.14 KB

 youre a buttschlong2.WAV

23.03 KB

 aahhh that sucks.wav

22.89 KB

 this sucks its all hot and stuff.wav

22.60 KB

 hey butthead check it out its that slut from the plane.wav

22.59 KB

 tastes like chicken.wav

22.58 KB


22.53 KB

 that was cool.wav

22.50 KB

 can you tell us how to urinate.wav

22.45 KB

 youre lucky i didnt barf on you.wav

22.44 KB

 does she have big hooters1.WAV

22.39 KB

 uhhh hello uhhh never mind.wav

22.37 KB

 i think you dropped something.WAV

22.35 KB

 this is gonna be cool2.wav

22.26 KB

 are you being kinky.wav

22.07 KB

 check out those chicks over there.wav

22.00 KB

 are you stupid beavis.wav

22.00 KB

 what do you think youre doing.wav

21.89 KB

 my first names butt.wav

21.86 KB

 that was cool1.wav

21.34 KB


21.27 KB

 bow down to the almighty bunghole.wav

21.21 KB

 its cool to try and think of stuff.wav

21.11 KB

 hey stop.wav

21.10 KB

 check this out i know a shortcut.wav

21.06 KB

 you will get that chick across from you.wav

20.96 KB

 we think youre cool.wav

20.79 KB

 were slashing prices everything must go.wav

20.78 KB


20.72 KB

 were gonna do something cool.wav

20.70 KB

 shut up fartknocker ill kick your ass.wav

20.68 KB

 make it go faster beavis.wav

20.63 KB

 this sucks2.wav

20.62 KB


20.45 KB

 did you score sort of.wav

20.43 KB

 check it out its the pussy galore.wav

20.39 KB

 no fartknocker.WAV

20.35 KB

 get your butt out of my face.wav

20.34 KB

 is this where they play pocket pool.wav

20.26 KB

 pretty smooth beavis.wav

20.04 KB


20.04 KB

 no no butthead.WAV

19.93 KB

 fuck you beavis1.wav

19.64 KB

 drive drive.wav

19.62 KB

 they make this too hard.wav

19.55 KB

 i dont want to settle down.wav

19.40 KB

 hey check this out.wav

19.27 KB

 light one in his butt.wav

19.25 KB


19.23 KB

 are you trying to piss me off.wav

19.16 KB

 cut it out butthole.wav

19.09 KB

 ive got a rock formation in my pants.WAV

19.04 KB

 yes oh wait.WAV

18.97 KB

 i gotta take a whiz.wav

18.94 KB

 i just cut the cheese.wav

18.94 KB

 beavis put that back and lets get out of here.wav

18.89 KB

 fuck you beavis2.wav

18.85 KB

 whats that its a butt.wav

18.84 KB

 lets drool on him.wav

18.83 KB

 please come out of my butt.wav

18.81 KB

 yeah were sick.wav

18.67 KB


18.61 KB

 stop in the name of the law.wav

18.58 KB

 say something thats interesting.wav

18.57 KB

 dude we have the power supreme.wav

18.57 KB

 you look like a dork.wav

18.55 KB

 help help help.WAV

18.55 KB

 that was not cool1.wav

18.36 KB

 how come im not moving1.WAV

18.34 KB

 uhhh i dont know.wav

18.32 KB

 lets get dirty magazines.wav

18.26 KB

 hey beavis.wav

18.23 KB

 i need that ginger chick.wav

18.21 KB

 that would be cool1.wav

18.17 KB

 beavis youre a stupid sonofabitch.WAV

18.15 KB

 choke your own chickn dude whats wrong with you.wav

18.13 KB

 im tryin to rip em off buttwipe.wav

18.11 KB


18.02 KB

 hey butthead it wont come out.wav

17.88 KB

 not yet dumbass.wav

17.84 KB

 i think that chick up there wants us.wav

17.83 KB

 i have no bunghole.wav

17.75 KB

 settle down beavis.wav

17.73 KB

 is this satanic music.wav

17.66 KB

 yeah i know.wav

17.66 KB

 this is hard work.wav

17.58 KB


17.48 KB

 yeah huh huh huh.wav

17.47 KB

 i am cornholio.wav

17.39 KB

 work is cancelled.wav

17.32 KB

 ooh baby.wav

17.26 KB

 i dont know.wav

17.19 KB

 hey butthead1.wav

17.16 KB

 settle down beavis1.wav

17.11 KB

 money rules.wav

17.10 KB

 cut it out butthole1.wav

17.09 KB

 were gonna be cool.wav

17.03 KB

 i am drawn to them.wav

17.02 KB

 were there dude.wav

17.00 KB

 uhhh no.wav

16.97 KB

 this is gonna be cool1.wav

16.93 KB


16.85 KB

 hey thats cool.wav

16.82 KB

 i cant do this all day dillweed.wav

16.78 KB


16.78 KB

 did i just score.wav

16.78 KB

 youre a dirty butthole.wav

16.68 KB

 hurry up im hungry.wav

16.68 KB

 it was free asswipe.wav

16.60 KB

 lucky i didnt barf on you.wav

16.60 KB

 youre a dork.wav

16.59 KB

 dont make me smack you1.wav

16.56 KB

 wheres the dirty pictures.wav

16.55 KB

 keep shaking dillhole.wav

16.47 KB

 damnit butthead i said i wasnt ready.wav

16.43 KB

 if i did that it would suck.wav

16.41 KB

 come here dude.wav

16.37 KB

 hey butthead butthead.wav

16.37 KB

 no no no dont stop.WAV

16.36 KB

 we could go to jail for this.wav

16.33 KB

 hey we were next asswipe.wav

16.24 KB

 i like to burn stuff.wav

16.19 KB

 beavis shut up.wav

16.10 KB

 whoa you bagged a jumbo jet1.WAV

16.01 KB

 come to butthead.wav

16.00 KB

 call us back.wav

15.98 KB

 prunes suck.WAV

15.97 KB

 all they have is these shows about water.wav

15.97 KB

 lets tape him to the floor and drool on him.wav

15.97 KB

 this is gonna be cool.wav

15.95 KB

 uhh ahhh.wav

15.94 KB


15.84 KB

 hey hows it goin.wav

15.82 KB

 sonofabitch sonofabitch sonofabitch.WAV

15.72 KB

 that frog never saw it coming.wav

15.65 KB

 pull my lever.wav

15.62 KB

 you sound just like that buttmunch.wav

15.59 KB

 that would be cool2.wav

15.57 KB

 check this out butthead.wav

15.55 KB

 you guys kick ass.wav

15.55 KB

 aaahhh that sucks.wav

15.54 KB

 hes trying to touch my weiner.wav

15.54 KB

 will you please wipe my butt.wav

15.45 KB

 help buttmunch.WAV

15.45 KB

 whoa that was cool2.wav

15.41 KB

 dont bogart my log.wav

15.41 KB

 kick him in the nads.wav

15.39 KB

 they look like turds.WAV

15.39 KB

 damnit now i have to start all over1.WAV

15.38 KB

 im not gonna draw some dudes schlong.wav

15.38 KB

 im tryin to watch a porno.wav

15.36 KB


15.32 KB

 you masturbater.wav

15.31 KB

 nachos rule.wav

15.26 KB

 this is cool.wav

15.26 KB

 bunghole baby.wav

15.25 KB

 this sucks1.wav

15.24 KB

 thats not cool dude.wav

15.21 KB

 go for it beavis1.wav

15.20 KB

 tastes like puke.wav

15.18 KB

 i think its ready.wav

15.17 KB

 go for it beavis.wav

15.12 KB

 you fartknocker.wav

15.11 KB

 are you threatening me2.wav

15.07 KB

 yellow light butthead step on the gas.wav

15.07 KB

 stupid chicks really put out.wav

15.01 KB

 uhhh hello.WAV

14.99 KB

 shutup dumbass.wav

14.98 KB

 can you do better yankee.wav

14.95 KB

 yeah yeah yeah.wav

14.89 KB

 this is cool2.wav

14.86 KB

 good job.wav

14.84 KB

 dont touch me asswipe.wav

14.83 KB

 kick him in the nads beavis1.wav

14.82 KB

 kick him in the nads beavis.wav

14.82 KB

 wake up butthole.wav

14.81 KB

 lets take a break.wav

14.81 KB

 i think its time.wav

14.79 KB

 you sat on it lardbutt.wav

14.76 KB


14.74 KB


14.74 KB

 beavis feels himself.wav

14.72 KB


14.66 KB

 its boner time.wav

14.64 KB


14.61 KB

 are you threatening me.wav

14.54 KB

 are you stupid.wav

14.45 KB

 you look like a dick.WAV

14.45 KB

 get me some nachos buttwipe.wav

14.44 KB

 that was cool2.wav

14.43 KB

 theres more where that came from.wav

14.36 KB


14.34 KB

 were gonna score1.wav

14.33 KB

 whoa roadkill.wav

14.32 KB

 were finally gonna score.wav

14.32 KB

 i think i hurt myself.wav

14.32 KB

 does anyone wanna see my unit.wav

14.30 KB

 you will get that chick across from you1.WAV

14.29 KB


14.27 KB

 hey butthead heh heh heh.WAV

14.26 KB

 give me your cappucino.wav

14.24 KB

 this sucks.wav

14.23 KB

 i love you.wav

14.23 KB

 check it out butthead its a penisaurus.wav

14.20 KB

 you are a bunghole and so am i.WAV

14.17 KB

 looks fruitty butthead.wav

14.17 KB

 we want our money back asswipe.wav

14.10 KB

 im gonna stare all day.wav

14.01 KB

 we wanna meet chicks and score.wav

14.01 KB

 she saw your butt.wav

13.90 KB

 you dumbass1.wav

13.88 KB

 what are you a dumbass.wav

13.86 KB

 you always go first.WAV

13.85 KB

 we could make ten bucks.wav

13.85 KB

 how do you expect me to learn anything.wav

13.77 KB

 were there dude3.wav

13.75 KB

 seamonkeys are cool.wav

13.69 KB

 that sucked.wav

13.67 KB

 are you sure youre ready for this.wav

13.64 KB

 i wonder what this stuff tastes like.wav

13.63 KB

 you ready.wav

13.53 KB

 no way butthole.wav

13.50 KB

 uhhh never mind.wav

13.45 KB

 do you want to touch his bone.wav

13.44 KB


13.44 KB

 does your scrotum need kicking.wav

13.43 KB

 we were next asswipe.wav

13.43 KB


13.39 KB

 whoa now that was cool.WAV

13.39 KB


13.38 KB

 i have a stiffy.wav

13.36 KB

 shutup you sonofabitch.wav

13.30 KB

 bareass on tv.wav

13.28 KB

 enough of this crap.wav

13.25 KB


13.25 KB

 nice wedgie dude.wav

13.25 KB

 we have the power supreme.WAV

13.22 KB


13.19 KB

 no way butthead im not gonna wear a dress.wav

13.18 KB

 i need tp for my bunghole.WAV

13.15 KB

 can you spank a seamonkey.wav

13.13 KB

 this town sucks.wav

13.12 KB

 hes a pocket fisherman.wav

13.11 KB

 chill beavis.wav

13.11 KB

 he sure does like to touch.wav

12.82 KB

 of course not assmunch.wav

12.77 KB


12.75 KB


12.74 KB

 nachos rule1.wav

12.72 KB

 cool stuff.wav

12.70 KB

 did you score.wav

12.70 KB

 please come out please.wav

12.68 KB


12.67 KB

 warp speed mr sulu.wav

12.65 KB

 im getting a stiffy.wav

12.63 KB

 your butt sucks.wav

12.62 KB

 im hoping to do some sluts too.wav

12.61 KB


12.58 KB


12.51 KB


12.42 KB

 thats better dillhole.wav

12.42 KB

 then ill kick your ass.wav

12.42 KB

 ill wound your inner child.wav

12.38 KB

 butthead check it out.wav

12.34 KB

 this is cool1.wav

12.26 KB

 lets do that again.WAV

12.22 KB

 thank you and stuff.wav

12.19 KB

 fuck you.WAV

12.17 KB

 who is this fartknocker anyway.wav

12.16 KB

 this sucks3.wav

12.14 KB

 ehhh books.wav

12.07 KB

 beavis you buttmonkey.wav

12.04 KB

 did you cut the cheese.wav

12.03 KB

 are you sure youre lickin right.wav

12.02 KB

 dont stop.WAV

12.02 KB

 drain my lizard1.wav

12.00 KB

 i thought you said you wanted to do me.wav

11.97 KB

 i dont want gimmicks.wav

11.94 KB

 whats your problem butthole.wav

11.90 KB


11.88 KB

 lets rock.wav

11.84 KB

 do you sell any dead animals.wav

11.84 KB


11.80 KB

 thats cool.wav

11.74 KB


11.70 KB

 the units broken.wav

11.62 KB

 you dumbass.wav

11.55 KB

 get this crap away from me.wav

11.54 KB

 youre a dumbass.wav

11.52 KB


11.47 KB

 reading sucks.wav

11.38 KB

 were gonna score.wav

11.34 KB

 your butt sucks1.wav

11.32 KB

 are you ready to rock.wav

11.32 KB

 ill do the talking dude.wav

11.27 KB

 hes trying to touch my weiner1.wav

11.24 KB

 youre stupid.wav

11.21 KB

 lets get nachos.wav

11.16 KB

 cmon wuss.wav

11.15 KB

 dude you stink.wav

11.14 KB

 you must give me your candy.WAV

11.12 KB

 got any chocolate.wav

11.10 KB

 i dont think that was a cow dude.WAV

11.08 KB

 he tried to touch my weiner.wav

11.04 KB

 are you threatening me1.wav

10.98 KB

 cmon its my turn.wav

10.97 KB


10.93 KB


10.91 KB

 im kicking your ass.wav

10.88 KB


10.88 KB


10.88 KB

 watch the master.wav

10.82 KB

 stuffed roadkill.wav

10.77 KB

 our pencils are hard.wav

10.71 KB

 you should know buttmunch.wav

10.68 KB

 i think you suck.wav

10.68 KB

 come out with your pants down.WAV

10.68 KB

 help help asswipe.WAV

10.66 KB

 dont screw with him.wav

10.65 KB

 oww oww.wav

10.63 KB

 were pumped.wav

10.59 KB

 you interrupted us butthole.WAV

10.58 KB

 give me something buttwipe.wav

10.50 KB

 you tell her dude.wav

10.49 KB

 cool here we go.wav

10.45 KB

 when are we going to kick some ass.WAV

10.44 KB

 you called it dude.wav

10.42 KB

 that was boring just the same thing over and over again.wav

10.37 KB

 good one beavis.wav

10.35 KB

 were kidnappers or something.WAV

10.33 KB

 go with your anger.wav

10.31 KB

 i dont know1.WAV

10.30 KB

 kick it.wav

10.30 KB

 art is cool.wav

10.24 KB

 tornados are cool.wav

10.19 KB

 rich people are dumb.wav

10.14 KB

 lets burn something.wav

10.09 KB


10.04 KB

 dont bogart it dude.wav

9.99 KB


9.95 KB


9.90 KB

 we really had a good thing going.wav

9.89 KB

 damnit damnit sonofabitch.wav

9.89 KB

 what a dork2.wav

9.85 KB


9.77 KB

 work sucks.wav

9.76 KB

 i didnt know it did that.wav

9.74 KB

 someones watching us.wav

9.69 KB

 did i just score1.wav

9.65 KB

 hey butthead.wav

9.62 KB

 weve never done this before.WAV

9.62 KB


9.60 KB

 no way butthead.WAV

9.57 KB

 shut up butthead.wav

9.49 KB

 check it out dude.wav

9.47 KB

 what a wuss1.wav

9.43 KB

 hes got a boner.wav

9.43 KB

 maybe theyre stupid.wav

9.42 KB

 that would be cool.wav

9.41 KB

 face forward.wav

9.32 KB

 dont make us leave.wav

9.32 KB

 wheres his butt.wav

9.28 KB

 thank you for your concern.wav

9.27 KB

 lets go break something.wav

9.25 KB

 beavis you wuss.wav

9.24 KB

 no way butthead1.WAV

9.21 KB

 shutup butthead.wav

9.18 KB

 this sucks4.WAV

9.18 KB

 manners suck.wav

9.17 KB

 i cant do this all day.wav

9.12 KB

 here we go.wav

9.11 KB

 hey baby.wav

9.09 KB

 im getting a woodrow.wav

9.02 KB

 i have to go to the bathroom.wav

8.97 KB

 im not feeling too good.wav

8.93 KB

 what a ripoff.wav

8.91 KB

 cool butthead you broke it.wav

8.91 KB

 let go pervert.wav

8.90 KB

 change it1.wav

8.86 KB


8.85 KB

 i think hes dead.wav

8.85 KB

 get out of my house.wav

8.85 KB

 do that again.wav

8.85 KB


8.82 KB

 i poop too much.wav

8.74 KB

 break em.wav

8.72 KB

 ill kill you.wav

8.68 KB

 lets buy some animals.wav

8.65 KB

 yeah yeah.wav

8.62 KB

 cut it out butthole2.wav

8.55 KB


8.54 KB

 no way1.WAV

8.54 KB

 holy crap.wav

8.51 KB

 shove it in butthead.WAV

8.50 KB

 no problem dude.wav

8.40 KB

 save us or something.WAV

8.31 KB

 its incredible.wav

8.28 KB


8.21 KB


8.17 KB

 help asswipe.WAV

8.02 KB

 hey butthead you got any candy.WAV

8.02 KB


7.97 KB

 i hate taking showers.WAV

7.95 KB

 lets burn it.wav

7.91 KB

 damnit this always happens.wav

7.77 KB


7.75 KB

 stop it stop it.WAV

7.75 KB

 ill be damned.wav

7.75 KB


7.75 KB


7.71 KB

 pull my leg.wav

7.69 KB

 what a dork3.wav

7.69 KB

 milk sucks.WAV

7.63 KB


7.62 KB

 i cant take it anymore.wav

7.58 KB

 drain my lizard.wav

7.56 KB


7.37 KB

 yeah check this out.WAV

7.33 KB

 how did that happen1.WAV

7.31 KB

 hey beavis what.WAV

7.28 KB

 how was it.wav

7.14 KB


7.13 KB


7.11 KB


7.07 KB

 yeah buttmunch.wav

7.05 KB

 i hate milk.WAV

7.02 KB

 im there dude.wav

6.99 KB

 thats stupid.wav

6.87 KB

 go away.wav

6.87 KB


6.77 KB

 check it out.wav

6.70 KB

 wanna wrestle.WAV

6.68 KB

 no way beavis.WAV

6.65 KB

 what are these things.WAV

6.57 KB

 you shove it in.WAV

6.56 KB

 enough of this crap1.wav

6.55 KB

 get a whiff of this.WAV

6.53 KB

 what do we do now.wav

6.52 KB


6.50 KB


6.41 KB

 hey baby1.WAV

6.27 KB

 he hit us and stuff.wav

6.25 KB

 for a good time call beavis mom.wav

6.23 KB

 thats pretty cool.WAV

6.22 KB


6.17 KB

 he hit us and stuff1.wav

6.16 KB

 what a wuss.wav

6.13 KB


6.11 KB


6.01 KB


5.93 KB

 no way.wav

5.91 KB

 you want cash.wav

5.88 KB


5.85 KB


5.71 KB


5.60 KB

 i still got a woody woodpecker.wav

5.40 KB


5.28 KB


5.20 KB

 pick it up.WAV

5.15 KB


5.04 KB


5.03 KB

 its a butt.WAV

4.87 KB


4.78 KB


4.71 KB

 i dont want to settle down1.WAV

4.67 KB


4.54 KB

 touch it.wav

4.34 KB


4.14 KB


3.96 KB

 whats that.WAV

3.78 KB


3.63 KB


3.45 KB


3.29 KB


3.20 KB


2.99 KB

 change it.wav

2.95 KB

 burn it.wav

2.82 KB

 were not gonna score.wav

2.66 KB


2.65 KB


2.59 KB


2.33 KB


2.00 KB


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