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Is Rh-Negative Blood Alien In Origin?

Such a situation can provoke the mother’s own blood to produce potentially lethal antibodies which are designed to attack the fetus’ blood, if and when the former is exposed to the latter. In other words, the Rh positive baby is perceived by the mother’s negative immune-system as something hostile, something not quite as it should be. This has led some to suggest that Rh-Negative blood must be of a non-human origin. Theories range from supernatural ones such as being of divine descent or membership in a divinely chosen people-group, to more scientific or pseudoscientific explanations such as interbreeding with extraterrestrials. 13/09/2019 · September 13, 2019. 5 min read. As humans, we believe we evolved from apes and the Rh factor in our blood even derives its name from the Rhesus Macaque. But when it comes to the antigens in our blood there’s a small percentage of the population with a strange anomaly, leading some to question if Rh-negative blood is alien in origin.

Most humans have RH positive blood, meaning they carry a gene originating from the rhesus monkey. Humans are believed to have evolved from a similar ancestor. But 10-15% of people do not carry this gene, which means there is a small amount of people on the planet who are RH negative. Such people lack not only that []. Luna Billadeau November 27, 2019 Reply. Mike is right. Having RH negative blood is meaningless and in no way makes you different in any way. If ancient people did or did not have RH negative blood is just a silly trivia fact. Not sure why people feel the need to do blogs on this worthless and pointless topic. The Rhesus factor, specifically rhesus negative, has been a topic of interest for discussions in medical science for a long time. Below are some of the interesting facts you may want to know about Rh negative blood. 03/03/2017 · The mystery surrounding those with Rh- blood.explained in five minutes. Is ruling in the genes? All presidents bar one are directly descended from a mediev. Rh negative blood is rare but several myths, phenomenons and oddities surround those with Rh negative blood. Pregnancy. Rh positive genes are more dominant than Rh negative ones. So a woman with Rh negative blood who conceives a child with a Rh positive man will likely have an Rh.

Ramona k Ray October 29, 2019. I would not say all RH negatives have “royal blood;” or that it would make that individual in anyway special. My direct ancestors owned and were Born in Allington Castle in England. Daphne on Where is rh negative blood most frequent? But then, in 1937, came the discovery of the rhesus factor, more commonly known as Rh positive or Rh negative. Basques were found to have the highest incidence of Rh negative blood of any people in the world, significantly higher than the rest of Europe, even significantly higher than neighboring regions of France and Spain.

According to a comprehensive study, the worldwide frequency of Rh-positive and Rh-negative blood types is approximately 94% and 6%, respectively. The same study concluded that the share of the population with Rh-negative blood type is set to fall further in the future primarily due to low population growth in Europe. RH Negative. 543 likes. Your Rh status describes whether or not you have a protein on the red blood cells. If you don't have the Rh factor, you're. But if you are an rh negative man reading this and don’t mind helping lead me in the right direction, feel free to mention you blood type and Myers-Briggs results below. This goes of course for rhesus negative women as well. The more of you participate, the better. RH Negative Blood – The Heaven and Earth Born? Published on September 16, 2019 in Alien / Earth / Science / Unexplained / Weird. Science has attempted to explain RH Negative blood, for many many years, as some kind of mutation. However, it is much more complicated than that. So, being that I myself, is someone who has RH negative blood, whenever I see something posted about how people with this blood type are alien, from another planet or are part of a special blood type I have been intrigued to learn more.

Rh Negative Club. 3,698 likes · 230 talking about this. If you have RH Negative blood you are not from this planet! LIKE this page and learn more. If your blood cells have this protein, you are Rh positive. An estimated 15% of Caucasians are Rh negative, while 5 to 10% of African Americans don’t have the protein on the red blood cells. Also, 1 to 2% of Asians are negative for the protein. RH Negative Characteristics. People with the Rh-negative blood type often have the following.

10 Rh Negative Blood Type Highly Interesting Facts.

If you do not have this protein, then you have Rh negative blood. More people are Rh positive than Rh negative, so it is considered an uncommon blood type. You may also notice these personality traits apply to you at some level. List of Rh Negative Blood Type. THE RH NEGATIVE CODE. Blood transfusions and why you should only take them if it’s life or death. Reasoning for this has to do with cellular genetic memory of blood. This is coded into the entire structure of the blood. All the emotions that the donor has felt during his entire lifetime are part of the blood. This cannot be filtered out.

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