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Categoría que recopila todas las imágenes de Joan Watson, de Elementary. El Dr. John H. Watson es el amigo y confidente de Sherlock Holmes. Algunas fuentes no canónicas indican que nació el 7 de agosto de 1852; siendo su nombre completo John Hamish Watson. Según el revisionista Nicholas Meyer, murió en 1939. En la primera de las historias de Holmes, Estudio en. John H. Watson, known as Dr Watson, is a fictional character in the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Watson is Sherlock Holmes' friend, assistant and sometime flatmate, and the first person narrator of all but four of these stories. 18/08/2019 · It's not as in the original stories or the popular BBC adaptation Sherlock, or the Robert Downey Jr. movie series, where Holmes and Watson never could be romantically involved because they're both straight men. This Holmes is a heterosexual man and this Watson is a heterosexual woman. 14/01/2013 · Sherlock and Joan- Elementary What Does It Take. Elementary-Sherlock and Watson-"I'm Gonna Miss This. " S1E12 - Duration: 5:00. at NY Times Arts & Leisure Weekend 2012 - Duration: 9:29. PixieFlight8763 Recommended for you. 9:29. Elementary 2x01 - Watson meets Mycroft Holmes.

24/06/2019 · Holmes y Watson inician una nueva etapa en Londres como asesores de Scotland Yard, sin embargo, su estancia en la capital británica se verá interrumpida por la noticia de que un miembro de su círculo más cercano ha sido gravemente herido en Estados Unidos. Sherlock intentará regresar a. 16/08/2019 · Sherlock and Joan may be one of the most touching and unique love stories on television, but it wasn't a romance. They ended up together as friends and family and loved ones, just not as lovers. Honestly, fans should probably just be happy that both of them lived to the end of the series, and they really did get happy endings. 03/12/2018 · Synopsis – After Sherlock says goodbye to Watson, the scene cuts to Sherlock in his apartment in London. While he speaks to a client, he gets interrupted by the noise next door and starts to shout at his neighbours.

Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson Elementary Sherlock Holmes/Joan Watson Elementary Sherlock Holmes; Joan Watson Elementary Arthur Watson Elementary WIP; Summary. This one's going to be difficult to summarize, though basically we'll be focusing on Joan & Sherlock & Arthur. Please prepare for spoilers to the Series Finale. And perhaps read. The Archive may occasionally be slow or unresponsive due to ongoing issues with our Elasticsearch servers. While we have a plan to improve the situation, we expect intermittent problems to. Created by Robert Doherty. With Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Jon Michael Hill. A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City. Abreu, Holmes y Watson entran en la sala. Sherlock le muestra lo de la alergia al arroz. Saldua había comprado un saco el día que dejo de usar el móvil: dentro estaba el teléfono de Saldua, mojado. Allí estaban los registros de las sesiones de Mantlo tratando a Saldua, hablando de Amy, la victima. En casa, Holmes y Watson ven el partido.

24/08/2018 · Not only does Lucy Liu play Joan Watson on Elementary, but Monday's September 27 episode marks the sixth time the multi-talented star has directed the detective series. The week’s typically twisty-turny case focuses on a book that correctly predicts when and how three random people would die. 06/05/2016 · Early on, producers explicitly swore that Holmes and Watson would never become romantically involved — a promise they have thus far shown no intention of breaking. Instead, Joan and Sherlock have developed a complicated but steadfast.

Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Sherlock Holmes/Joan Watson; Sherlock Holmes; Joan Watson Elementary Summary. She always knew he possessed the experience to set her entire world on fire, she just never knew he'd lace it in enough affection and care to have her emotions set aflame as well. Joan Watson is a consultant detective for the NYPD along with her partner Sherlock Holmes. She was originally Sherlock's sober companion, but when her contract ran out, they decided that Sherlock would take her on as an apprentice. Joan is the daughter of Mary Watson, and sister of Oren. Her.

Dr. Joan Watson ist eine der Hauptfiguren der amerikanischen TV-Serie Elementary. An der Namensähnlichkeit und der Funktion der Figur erkennt man zweifellos, dass sie auf der von Sir Arthur Conan Doyle geschaffenen Figur des Dr. John Watson basiert. Music El Sol Caracol - Boleron plays as Watson questions the restaurant manager, Juan Murillo El Gato., Shakey Graves - Family and Genus plays as Sherlock meets Morland on the rooftop of The Brownstone. Trivia Holmes speaks Spanish in this episode. En 2012, la cadena televisiva CBS inició una nueva serie, Elementary, donde un Sherlock Holmes Jonny Lee Miller en el presente año se muda a Nueva York después de estar en rehabilitación por un problema con drogas. En esta serie, se presenta a Watson como una mujer, la excirujana Joan Watson.

Lo maravilloso de Sherlock Holmes y Watson es la relación entre esos dos personajes. Podría suceder en cualquier sitio en el mundo y haría que el público se. Watson è una donna, Joan Watson interpretata da Lucy Liu, ex medico chirurgo e terapista della riabilitazione per la tossicodipendenza di Holmes, in seguito assunta dallo stesso detective come assistente e socia. Nel videogioco del 2013 Eikoku Tantei Mysteria compare un fittizio figlio di Watson, William Hamish Watson. Elementare, Watson! Mycroft Holmes is the older brother of Sherlock Holmes and eldest son of Morland Holmes. He worked as a restauranteur and an operative in MI6. He had been estranged from Sherlock for years, due to Sherlock's affair with his fiancé. Mycroft suffered from leukemia and afterwards was looking to. Joan Watson misses New York. She misses her old life. She misses the dreams she had for herself there. Sherlock Holmes wants to give her all that she desires. But soon a danger from both their pasts comes to the present, forcing them to rethink what's truly important before it's too late.

Sherlock Holmes/John Watson 59406 Sherlock Holmes & John Watson 9922 Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade 3329 Mary Morstan/John Watson 3014 Mycroft Holmes & Sherlock Holmes 705 Castiel/Dean Winchester 619 Sebastian Moran/Jim Moriarty 611 Sherlock Holmes/Joan Watson 565 Molly Hooper/Greg Lestrade 546 Sherlock Holmes/Jim Moriarty 472. Elementary is an American procedural drama television series that presents a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes. It was created by Robert Doherty and stars Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. The series premiered on CBS on September 27, 2012. Season Seven The series comes to an end., Fit to be Tied Don't mess with Watson., Holmes wakes Watson A running gag on the show., Green Screens Key moments. Welcome to the Elementary wiki! The wiki currently holds 511 articles dedicated to Elementary. Note this wiki is not in any way affiliated.

07/10/2013 · NEW YORK – As Elementary's second season unfolds, the relationship between Sherlock Holmes Jonny Lee Miller and Joan Watson Lucy Liu continues to deepen: Joan has not only shifted from sober companion to detective protégé, but also to a trusted friend Sherlock. Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Jonny Lee Miller. Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective for the NYPD's 11th Precinct and Scotland Yard. Born on January 6, 1972 to May and Morland Holmes, he had a brother, Mycroft. He has a brilliant, deductive mind and instantly notices slight details that escape most people's attention. 19/09/2018 · Gracias al destino, se encuentra con Sherlock Holmes, un investigador privado que trabaja con Scotland Yard. En el primer encuentro, Holmes logra a descifrar a Watson en cuestión de segundos. El doctor queda impresionado e inmediatamente se involucra como asistente en. Being bold, Elementary recreated Sherlock Holmes against a modern backdrop, and went one step further by relocating him to New York. Jonny Lee Miller was chosen as the show's Sherlock Holmes, with Lucy Liu as a gender-swapped Doctor Watson, who served as Holmes' live-in "sober companion," hired to stop him returning to his drug addiction.

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